Age 22 – ED: Sex feels great for the first time ever. I feel confident, and unashamed.

Finally! I can have sex whenever I want. I feel great. Sex feels great for the first time ever. I feel confident, and unashamed. First I want to thank this site and the ones who created it and run it. Without it I would still have ED.

So a big thank you!

I started watching porn at 11-12 years old. 5-8 times a week til just before the age of 21 (now 22). Got into heavy stuff early on. Lost my virginity at 18 with a girlfriend. Had a hard time achieving an erection (no pun intended). When I finally got it up after several nights of trying, I came within seconds. The sex during this relationship was not great. I would often be unable to get hard, and I had PE.

Since that relationship ended I had numerous chances to have sex but couldn’t. I then found YBOP and YBR. Stopped porn and MO immediately and didn’t jerk it for 2 months. Felt great for a few weeks, then felt sort of “fixed” for a long time. But I didn’t have a chance to see if I could fuck for some time. After 8 or so months I tried to have sex but failed. I was stressed and anxious when it happened. Felt outside my body.

Then, after about 14 months of noPMO I went home with a smoking hot girl and finally, finally was able to have sex. At first I wasn’t hard but after she gave me oral there was no problem. Since then (three weeks or so) I have had sex with this girl regularly with no problems at all. It feels fantastic! Had sex 4 times yesterday.

I think my biggest tip for you is actually a book called “The Sex God Method”. It really helped me think about sex in a cool way. Gave me some sexual confidence so that when I had sex, I would know what to do. She actually said that she wishes every girl could fuck someone like me, someone who knows what he is doing! READ THE BOOK! lol this sounds like a commercial…

Seriously, give it time. Don’t expect to get hard just by seeing a naked girl. It’s OK to need stimulation. This was a big factor for me.

Good luck to you alll, and thank you!

LINK – Done and done

BY – Jonah