Age 22 – Erections now strong and lasting, colors brighter, scents more intense


Day 77, almost finished 90 days of nofap only to fall prey to boredom and a smartphone with internet access. Let me share what I experienced. First let me share with you the benefits not in relation to women:

  • Cravings for sugary food/junk food – gone.
  • starting working out a bit more
  • way more focused and productive
  • wider sensual awareness of the world i.e colour seems brighter, smells are more intense and all that.
  • heightened creativity. —> actually bought an online drawing course at udemy which I began yesterday.
  • regained the ability to feel emotions/feelings fully. I can express them fully
  • deeper gratitude and appreciation for life itself and the good things humans can experience.
  • needing less sleep and it’s easier to get up in the morning
  • my mind has gotten way more sharp and clear. My ability to think has improved tremendously. It feels like my brain can finally fulfil its function properly.
  • my eyes got back their glow. There is life in them and there is life in me again!

Benefits in regards to girls/sexual performance/erections

  • they look at me. Often. I worked in a food store for a while and they often greeted me and gave me deep looks.
  • a very good friend of mine has a friend and she was hanging out with the two of us last week and this girl couldn’t keep her hands by herself. She always looked for physical contact. She said to me that I look so manly, different like other guys, that my eyes had a penetrating quality to them and that she feels incredibly comfortable around me, that my whole presence made her feel very calm and grounded. ( hell yeah hearing that felt awesome. )
  • I met a girl that I had sex with a few times but I stopped doing it as I felt empty and strangely really sad and shallow after every sexual encounter.. ( I found out that she was carrying a lot of.sadness in her and sex is the transfer of life energy so no wonder I felt sad.. )
  • I had a wet dream once. ( never had one in my life before)
  • had morning wood everyday
  • my dick seems a little bigger as well
  • erections last and are stonehard ( tested that today after I relapsed yesterday and it’s still working perfectly.)

These are the benefits I have experienced while being on my 77 Day streak.

Do I regret my relapse ? Yes. Do I feel sorry for myself ? Hell no, there is no time for that. I feel great even though I relapsed yesterday.

I will continue my journey and I encourage anyone who is on it to keep going and if you relapse, don’t go into the binge mode and relapse again, that makes it worse.

A relapse is not failing, not getting back on track and promising to yourself to make it better next time is failing.

90 days, here I come!!! I’m 22.

[Before NoFap, my erections] were okay but never a stable experience. Now they are always strong and lasting.  I was always able to get it up, but as soon as I was about to engage in sex my friend retreated into soft mode. That changed over my streak when I met this girl that I had sex with. The first time I wasn’t able to perfom as I was quite nervous, but the other times I just managed to get relaxed enough that I was able to perfom without any problem.

LINK – I relapsed on day 77 and it was the best thing that happened.

By PoetOfLife