Age 22 – Erections were back after 2 weeks, still dealing with DE


At first I was suspicious about the benefits of abstaining from PMO, I thought it couldn’t be that bad right? Because of problems in bed that just kept chasing me I decided to give it a shot, for at least a week.

It was a difficult one for sure but then I decided to add another week and so on. Has now been two months since I started and I notice the amount of time and energy I now have to actually do something useful with my life.

Started going to the gym instead of just staying in my room with all the guilty pleasures and sex life has improved tremendously too.

I’m now 22 years old but started using porn at around 11-12 combined with prone mastrubation which really wrecked things down there (erection and ejaculation troubles). The erection problem was gone at 1-2 weeks, ejaculation still doesn’t work though but I suppose it needs a little more time.

Apart from that it’s mostly an urge to do something, doesn’t really matter what, something to let out the extra energy. Gym has been really helpful there

Keep up the great work everyone!

LINK – The life change I needed

By MediaevalMan