Age 22 – Even small things make me happy and I get motivated easily

I am proud to report that the last time I watched porn was 91 days ago! It seemed to be half of an eternity when I decided to quit porn for good (or at least for 90 days) and here we are! I lost counting the days around day 50. Not wasting my freetime, sleeptime and energy watching porn became the new standard. The last wetdream was two months ago according to my last reddit post. Some stuff I noticed:

I’m full of life somedays. Even small things make me happy and I get motivated easily to accomplish my duty and goals. I’m also able to focus on one topic for a longer period of time, which is awesome.

The weirdest thing, there were days I felt like I was in my mid teens again! Full of energy, motivation and the will to do anything! I can’t precisely describe it, but I feel it’s coming from deep inside! I’m a happier, more motivated and confident man in general.

Flatline. It’s my best buddy of pornfree. True, I got to kick myself constantly to do things, but on the other hand, I have zero desire to watch porn. Some days are tough, we just got to get over it.

I feel more comfortable around girls and I find it really easy to talk with them. It’s never been a problem for me for some reason, though it’s definitely better now.

I can’t really say anything about PIED, didn’t have the opportunity to test it for real, although random boners are rock hard. Same for my libido. I planned to do this 90 days challenge in the winter, so I’d have more energy and a healed mind for spring (and guys, spring is around!!!), we’ll see how it affects my libido.

Generally saying: Forget momentary pleasures! Accept you’ll feel like shit for a few weeks, it’s totally worth it in the mid-long run!

Stay strong!

LINK – I made it! 90 days of pornfree/nofap

By thegreatestjourney