Age 22 – Feeling confident and good about myself after longtime depression


Just a quick post, basically just because just I wanted to write this shit down. NoFap has had such a positive effect on me, I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is thinking about making the step, so I hope this gives you the little push you need if you’re that guy. I finally feel motivated to go and study for my master’s degree and go and get on with my life

and I’m so much more focused on my r/bjj than I ever was. My results in the gym have improved tenfold; I’m leaner, stronger and my diet is cleaner than it ever was.

I’ve even managed to stop smoking weed after 7 years of daily smoking which I NEVER thought I would ever do. I just feel so confident and good about myself after being quite depressed for a long time.

I don’t know if this is all related to related to NoFap or not but I really believe it is. If you’re considering doing this but you’re unsure PLEASE do it my friend, it might change your life! You are all amazing!

And now a side question – Are wet dreams considered a relapse? I know this has been discussed before but I really felt horrible and down the day after one on day 32. But then all of a sudden I felt amazing again after day 34 – even more motivated than I was before; is this normal??

This is my first streak, I guess I just tried it because a friend at uni was doing it too and recommended it. I’m just 22.

Thanks again guys and I hope NoFap goes well for you!

LINK – Day 35 Review + Question on wet dreams

By madewithrealfruit