Age 22 – Finally got laid


Hi all. Chronic masturbator from ages 11-21. Sometimes once a week, sometimes a couple times a day. Started doing nofap June 2016 and after a few relapses, I’m at a 3 week streak (I don’t count days) and I just lost my v card last night at age 22. It definitely wasn’t good sex. In the back of a car and I’m a 6’3″ dude. But as the saying goes… doesn’t matter; had sex. Feel like a new man today for the first time in a while.

I started Nofap due to general depression / anxiety. Brain fog. Couldn’t form new relationships with people. 21 year old virgin but also very good looking/sociable. Knew something wasn’t right in my head. I still have a tough time with it and I’m recovering but so far 2017 has been amazing.

I’ve tried convincing my friends and they’re skeptical. Whatever though… at this point, NoFap seems to be one of my most powerful tools in maximizing my potential as a young man. Some dudes are just natural skeptics which is fine, but I won’t waste my time trying to preach self-help. Happy I’m doing things for ME now.

Really feel like PMO is the greatest epidemic facing men today. Hoping to see continued success with the help of this outstanding community.

Thank you all.

LINK – Finally got laid. Thank you NoFap

By luvrhcp