Age 22 – From Zero to Hero: My Story


Just got out of an intensive lift sesh and I thought I might wanted to share my long-overdue story here in hopes of inspiring others to reach their potential. This subreddit changed my life in ways I could’ve never imagined and I hope this brief (but lengthy) story starts my journey of paying it forward.

4 years ago I was a social recluse in his first year at a southeastern state university who had the ambitions of Elon Musk, yet the interpersonal skills of an awkward turtle. I had been a fervent fapper since middle school and was fapping to porn at least once daily. I had known about NoFap at that point due to my Reddit habits but I brushed it off as some bro-science not grounded in any real sources.

After finishing my freshman year feeling sexually frustrated of my virginity, I decided to make a change and give NoFap a try. The first few weeks were the hardest since I never felt so horny before in my life. I would eye-fuck almost every attractive girl that I walked past during sophomore year. Studying in the library was even more rough. However, the newfound testosterone boost is real, along with all the flatlines described in the subreddit. Over time, you learn to manage your sexual urges better and you eventually learn to subconsciously focus it on whatever else you are doing, such as studying. During the next 3 years that I pledged my allegiance to NoFap Hardmode, I managed to score the highest of a 120-day streak.

I had some PE and ED issues prior to rebooting. They are gone now though thanks to NoFap.

Along the way, some cool things happened:

• My social skills improved dramatically. It wasn’t immediate but the before-and-after is easily visible. I had more presence around my friends and girls. Speaking of girls..

• I lost my virginity. And proceeded to have dates and sex with quite a handful of girls as well. Especially sorority girls. My social anxiety was a shrimp compare to the serpent of testosterone motivating me to take actions outside of my comfort zone.

• Made some massive gym gains.

• Score quite a few competitive scholarships.

• Studied abroad.

• Finally kicked-ass in a competitive game/hobby I’m passionate about (League of Legends). For those of you guys who are familiar with the game, I was able to go from Silver 4 to Plat 3; before hardmode and now, respectively.

Most importantly, my career transformed. I went from having a meager sub-3.0 GPA in Accounting to scoring dean’s list in consecutive semesters. I became a lot more involved in student organizations and even became the president of the business organization in my school. The pinnacle of the NoFap achievement came when I managed to score an internship, and eventual job offer, at a prestigious Big 4 accounting firm in Silicon Valley. This was after getting rejected by nearly 16 other corporate firms across the country, including the other 3 of the Big 4 firms. As a college student in the southeast of the US, I would’ve never thought that this was possible. But I managed to do it, despite all the odds and competition. And I’m proud to say that 99% of it was thanks to my decision to pursue NoFap. Yes, doing NoFap alone won’t do crap if you just say inside your house all day playing League of Legends. However, if you use your newfound energy to go outside every day and spend most of your day energy tackling your life objectives, you will see progress. So much progress that you will get hooked on. Progress over perfection.

I would love to get into the details of methods and strategies I took to make it far in my NoFap streaks, but this post is getting long. Please comment or pm me if you’d like to read more.

Stay strong Fapstronauts.

I’m 22 now.

LINK – From Zero to Hero: My Story

by asianoreo7