Age 22 – Gay man. ED: I was able to hook up and actually get an erection!

It’s been 60 great days of NoFap. While I stumbled a bit last week, I pushed through it and found that just telling myself no is the best way to go. I feel awesome, and I think it keeps getting easier.

It’s a great feeling, and I really like it. On top of the 2 months, I was able to hook up with a guy and actually get an erection, the first time it’s happened in a long time.

I’m ecstatic, because I no longer feel like a lurker sitting in front of my computer wishing I could be with someone hot. I made it happen, and it was great. (I am in fact gay, but this subreddit has been a great help nonetheless). This guy was a 10, and I don’t think before NoFap I would have even responded to him. But, I’m glad I did. Sticking with it is worth every day I live without the gnawing urge.

All of us can do it, and I’m sitting here, proof it gets so much better. Thanks all you fapstronauts.

LINK – 60 Days and Feeling Fly

by rik_the_gay