Age 22 – Graduated from college!

I have graduated the past weekend from college as a magna cum laude! I have grown a lot over the past 4 1/2 years and it’s related to nofap. My college years was when I decided to end my addiction to porn and masturbation. They held me back for so long that I needed to quit.

I stumbled and fell hard on my face, but through support and guidance from God, friends, and this subreddit, I am now a different person. I can look in the mirror and not be afraid of what’s staring back. 🙂

I think I was about 13 when a friend of mine showed me porn for the first time and been on and off with it for a while. The no porn streak has been going on longer than the nofap streak by more than a year (almost 2 I think right now).

Benefits: I noticed how I’m able to recall things that happened a while ago whether it was something said or done. I can now use my time wisely which is spent working out, working at my job, writing, spending time with loved ones, and video games.

I can think more clearly and be able to focus on and finish a task. I have better control of my physical urges and how to deal with them (prayer and doing something positive)

LINK – Graduated from college 🙂 

by TheGChildWarrior