Age 22 – Healed after 4 years of PIED!


I started nofap in April because I finally realized that what was affecting me was PIED. I was never getting hard, and as a result, I built up an anxiety about initiating sex. II was having it, it was terrible (like I would lose my hard on or orgasm really quick) . I was watching porn everyday, but after nofap, I haven’t seen porn for 2 months, but have MO’d twice within those months. These are the results….

Im having natural boners, they last longer, I last longer in bed, and after realizing how far I’ve reset, ive overcome my sexual anxiety! Sex was always so stressful for me, but now it’s becoming natural. I don’t fear the question, “do you wanna do it?” anymore! However, my boners are still prone to fade away if my anxiety comes back to haunt me, but I’m getting better everyday!

Nofap says 3 months is the Golden amount of time, and I completely agree! Stick to it! I feel more confident than ever! 2 months flipped my life upside down and I can’t wait to see how much 3 months can do.

Here’s some context: I flapped twice in the first month. I edged a few times too. I have not seen porn since I began.

So I’ve been suffering ED for about 4 years. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was so bad that porn really didn’t even get me off that much. I’ve been with numerous attractive girls, and even with stimulation, I wasn’t always getting hard.

So after nofap, the first week was all alright, just a lot of urges, but I fought them as well I could. I didn’t start feeling changes until around after week 2. It wasnt dramatic, but I definitely was getting soft semis sometimes, which was nice. When I was fooling around with a girl, I still wasn’t really getting hard.

After week 3, I started getting morning woods! It was awesome! It wouldn’t happen everyday, but slowly they were getting harder and harder when they did come.

After a full month, i had notable progress. Slowly getting harder, more morning woods, confidence, but far from a full reset. Having morning wood is a great sign, and definitely a confidence booster! Be careful tho, cuz those can definitely be tempting too! I slipped on my reset because of morning wood and I guiltily wacked off.

Flatlines came and went. Never for a week long, but literally just random days for 1-3 days at a time throughout my reset. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I wasn’t trying to get hard during those moments. However, for the past week, I haven’t experienced any flatlines luckily!

Week 5 is where things started to really fall I place. I wasn’t fully recovered, but more hard ons, more morning woods, and less flatlines.

Every consecutive week was the same as week 5: more and more progress. However by week 6 and 7, my progress was unmistakably notable!

I was with a girl by week 4, and by week 5, the girl I was seeing was asking for sex. I told her not yet, not until I felt comfortable with her. Although, we were doing stuff like hand jobs (I didn’t cum tho). For me, I feel like my progress might have been expedited because I was cuddling and fooling around with a girl. Not always sexually, but it might have assisted my reset.

Anyways, not until week 7 did we have sex. The crazy part was that it was all natural. We were cuddling naked and it just happened. I didn’t need any stimulation or anything! So I can truly say that nofap is changing my life!

Now that I’m week 8, my ED has diminished quite a lot, however I do feel that there is more progress to come. I can’t have sex on top, for I lose my hard on (idk, it could be anxiety or ED, but I lose it really really quick). My erections could be stronger, but that is without saying that they are still strong enough. Morning woods are coming and going, not every day but close to it.

Edit: I also just wanna say the sexual anxiety is a big killer. Make sure that if you’re with someone, they understand that you’re nervous or uncomfortable. I never told my girl that I was doing no fap or suffering from ed, and said I was nervous (which was true). Having sex with someone you’re not comfortable being vulnerable around can further your anxiety, which happened to me. Not until recently was I comfortable enough, and that definitely is helping me with performance anxiety. However, anxiety coincides with ED, so remember to be patient and only act when you think you are mentally and physically ready!

Im 2 months in and have had sex maybe 5 times within the last week. My progress has been consistent. I haven’t had any noticeable changes in progress, but it all depends what you are aiming for. For my ED, it’s been helping me especially with sexual anxiety.

Porn made me think sex was all hardcore nasty fucking, when it’s really about having chemistry with another. I did this because i was getting depressed about my ED and sexual anxiety. It was easy for my to cut porn from my life, but not MO, which began taking over my life. Do not edge! I was a big edger and it really messes with progress!

LINK – 2 months later and everything has changed

By Lord_Woah


I finally did it! I did 3 months porn free, with a few relapses and hiccups on the way, but nonetheless, the progress exceeded my expectations. I’ve been PMOing for the past 11 years mostly daily. As a result, I suffered from PIED for the last 5-6 years without really knowing what was going on. I was also a HUGE edger! I had plenty encounters with attractive women where I wouldn’t be able to get hard, and this led to sexual anxiety.

Even porn of any kind wasn’t getting me off. So in the beginning of April, I decided to join nofap and do the 90 day challenge.

Here is how my reset went:

Week 1: no dramatic changes, however I could tell that day by day some things were changing. By the end of the week I was getting a little harder than usual when it did come up.

Week 2: definitely saw some progression, as morning woods started to return, but at a semi state. I did relapse twice, and it did set me back a little.

Week 3: my morning woods really began to pick up, and random boners started to appear! This was definitely an enormous sign of progress, as these things were rare. I also began seeing a girl where we’d have intimate time, but I told her no sex, not at least until I was ready. This may have or may have not helped my progress. I personally think it may have expedited it.

Week 4: this was definitely a big turning point for me. Morning woods became relatively common. Maybe not every day, but they were hard and strong!

Week 5 and 6: more progress. From the previous weeks. The girl I was seeing was asking for sex, but I still held out, as I still had sexual anxiety. Still, even when I was with her, I was able to get somewhat hard…

Week 7: This was the turning point. I successfully had sex without having any stimulation on my penis. My PIED was nearly gone. My boners were strong and ready for action. I had sexual anxiety before, and the girl knew that and was okay with it. That was definitely a huge positive benefactor for my mental state, where I was able to be much more comfortable with her. If you are with a girl, being comfortable with them is the biggest key in overcoming your anxiety. More on this later

Week 8-10: I was never experiencing PIED with my girl, and we were able to have copious amounts of sex without prior stimulation to get me hard! I thought I was fully reset until…

Week 11-12: I relapsed. I was drunk and I MO’d. Twice. I was not getting morning woods as often as I did earlier (but I was still getting them). The next encounter with the girl I was seeing was not as smooth as it was during weeks 7-10. The last time we had sex, I was not able to get hard unless with stimulation. HUGE setback just from MO. I did intentionally see some pornographic images one day (without MOing), and that could also be a factor. I definitely put myself back a few stages, but I’m not too concerned. I’m thinking in a few days or weeks I’ll be back to my prime before the set back.

From my experience, I’ve concluded that abstaining from PMO stops PIED. I am not fully reset and I will continue to work for it! I thought MOing by week 11 would be okay, but it still set me back. Regardless, that was just one set back that won’t put me down! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!


INITIAL POST – Today is the day I begin change

Hi everyone,

I’m beginning the journey to change my life today. I recently read a Time magazine cover that talks about PIED, and that really brought everything into perspective; that I wasn’t alone. For years I’ve been experiencing PIED, but I pushed it away because I thought it was ridiculous or fictional. However, now I understand that watching all kinds of porn daily since I was 10 and daily affected my life. I still remember every moment I could have shared a sexual experience with someone only to end in depression because I could not get up. I am currently 22, and this still continues to happen to me, with most recently 2 days ago where I lost my chance to share a beautiful experience with someone else, but inevitably failed to become aroused. After reading the Time magazine and watching the TED talk, I realized that this is really an addiction that took a toll in my life, and today is the beginning of change.

I have finally stumbled upon r/nofap after watching the TED Talk and being a long time lurker. I’m extremely glad I am not alone with this problem, and I’m asking for the community’s help. I have looked at the side bar but I would love some personal ways you guys. Have abstained. What happens when you do become aroused unnaturally and need to fight it? How do you personally fight the urge? How can I keep my abstinence going in such a provocative environment like the Internet where I spend so much time?

Again, thank you for this community. I plan on making my future brighter along with everyone here!

Edit: do you guys know any resources and/or communities that I can become involved in? Knowing that there are others out there who are fighting this addiction definitely gives me courage and determination to overcome these challenges. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

P.s. Do not look at what I upvoted because they will all be triggers and I plan to discard them, but in time.