Age 22 – Healthier skin, living life with a purpose


Checking in here guys. On 8th January 2014, I wanted to change. Little streaks here and there. Last summer saw me hit 31 days which was my p.b. but 3 years of trying has finally allowed me to see what 61 days looks like. Its good. Its actually incredible.

I would read so many success stories on here and wonder whether that would ever be me. I’m here working hard and moving forwards day by day. The old me is a day further away and the new me is a day older. Stronger. Fitter. Better.

Benefits: Healthier skin More confident – socially , verbally , body language Living life with a purpose

Symptoms [that caused me to quit porn]: Horrible brainfog Poor memory Social inept / awkward Low self esteem Addicted

Whatever point in your journey you are in, dont give up, focus forward, and keep moving onwards!!

LINK – 61 D A Y S

By isaacpaul10