Age 22 – I don’t hesitate when talking to new people, especially girls


My usual relapse is around day 20-30. I think this period is where your brain is really kicking and screaming its last resistance before it starts adapting to a porn-free life. I’m 22 and it’s difficult to tell [which benefits are related to my 81 days of NoFap] because everything changed after I started to have sex regularly on day ~50.

And I moved to a new country so my whole social circle is new. But I noticed I don’t hesitate when talking to new people, specially girls. I’m considerably more outgoing I think.

Yesterday the guys were talking about masturbation, so when I got home I started to think about masturbation and nothing came to my head. No fantasies, there wasn’t a hot girl from my class on my head. The hole idea felt so unreal. I also thought about porn and I pictured it so boring on my head, no control, just watching! It felt so senseless.

LINK – I forgot how to masturbate

by totallynotaduplicate