Age 22 – I feel more like myself than I have in years


I’ve been a lurker for around a year and my longest streak before this was two weeks. Apart from that one off the most i could manage was about 3/4 days tops before relapsing. However, just over a month ago i met a girl and we really hit it off. The day before i went to meet her for the first time i decided it would be worth another shot at doing this properly.

And let me be the first to say, i have noticed huge improvements in my life. I’m now out of bed early and doing uni work on my days off and using my time properly.

Over christmas all my family noted how much happier i seemed to be. I wasn’t glued to my laptop or PS4 as much. I started exercising more and even managed to lose weight over Christmas!

I wouldn’t say i’ve developed super powers but to me the little changes have had huge impacts. Finally i feel more like myself than i have in years. Thank you NoFap and my fellow Fapstronauts!

I’m 22. must have starting looking/watching porn around aged 14, although wasn’t regularly pmo’ing until around 19-21.

LINK – Day 30 – Hard Mode

by willfrancis93