Age 22 – “I Just Had Sex!” Still a long way to go though


This link will summarize everything: [“I Just Had Sex!”]. Thank you, NoFap. Thank you so much. I am not letting PMO ruin me anymore. I’ve been trying for three years now, but never took it seriously.

I could quite for a couple weeks, and then go back to PMO. If something went wrong, more PMO. I know, I was a fool.

I’m 22, I’ve been fapping since I was 13, and I began to feel… something as of recent. I was having a tough time getting aroused, as nothing “mainstream” was doing the trick. And I did not want to delve into horrendous fetish sites. Erections were there, sure, but they were harder to get by. No pun intended. Also, “finishing up” demanded more and more effort than before. Does that actually count as PIED? I truly do not know.

Regardless, I began dating my current GF early this year. I am lucky to have have her, for she is wonderful. I still kept PMOing occasionally, however, as I sometimes had rough times, and one thing led to another…

It was one day that I realized I was on the verge of something terrible should I fail to take steps to correct it. My GF was beginning to show sexual interest, and I did as well. I found NoFap once more, and decided this was it. Cold turkey. I now had a reason to see this through. Yesterday I was reminded of what I could lose to PMO. But also of what I could win with NoFap.

As of benefits, I have no idea really, to be honest. I have not felt any of the superpowers, but all of the flatlines. There were days in which I just felt like crap. Moments in which, sure, PMO looked interesting even if would solve nothing, and make me feel even worse than before.

I still have a long way to go. Getting rid of the damage done by porn will take more than 18 days or so. Nine years of bullcrap don’t go away just like that. But I’ll get there. I hope you do too, as well. Best of luck to you, friend!

LINK – Thank you, NoFap

By NoFlyingSolo