Age 22 – I threw my first house party ever, was afraid that no one would come. Ended up awesome.


Hello all, this is just something that I can’t believe, I’m a 22 year old guy who’s not the person with the biggest amount of “friends”, actually I really have like one friend that’s not my dad lol, but the rest of the people is people I know from other groups of people and nothing beyond that, I don’t use to get invited to parties they do and things like that.

But well, the story is that I’m taking care of my cousin’s house while she’s travelling and last week I decided to use the house to invite these people I know from college to a small reunion before starting next semester, I tend to get really anxious around this because a childhood experience of no one showing up to one of my birth days when I was younger, I don’t celebrate my bday since then so you can imagine how devastating it was.

So anyways, I created the event on facebook and invited 40 people aprox, I knew that some wouldn’t come so that gave me a margin to absent people. This was on Wednesday.

Now on Friday, only 6 or 7 confirmed me that they were coming to, and I was afraid that the people would be uncomfortable with the party or anything, the next day no one else confirmed anymore and I was just cleaning the house as I didn’t care how many would come, I had to give the best welcoming for those who did.
Fast forward to saturday night, around 23:00 was the invitation, I was still a ball of misery because I didn’t want to have people getting bored and leaving.

Around 00:00 a friend texted me if he could bring a few friends, and people that didn’t confirm came too, and well ended up being from 6 or 7 people to around 20 to 26 persons in a house with music and a fucking lot of booze, like, I’m still finding half-filled bottles of Vodka and Gin around the house and a guy who came over was like the demi-god of party activation, he even got people who I never thought would dance dancing with random strangers so it was absurdly awesome. And I danced a lot with a girl I think it has a crush on me.

Anyways, It was a great party and I was worried for nothing, and everybody who attended said that they enjoyed the party!
I’m more happy than ever today. It was good.

And I think a great deal of my willpower to go buy drinks and things and clean the entire house before AND AFTER the party, came from NoFap and wanting to be someone different than I tend to be. So thanks to all of you.

I never really had a “symptom”, only those that go away with the beginning of NoFap, such as foggy mind, lack of energy, a waste of time, etc. Now I feel like those 3 are gone.

I feel more confident when I interact with people, and I have a lot of energy, a much better awareness when it comes to schedules, like when I must to go to sleep, NoFap is really good to be honest, not as a “super powers magnet” but more like something that you can have as a base for improve yourself in other aspects like sports or education.

It all comes to self esteem and discipline, the last one is the most important, without discipline there’s no self-respect and no way to achieve anything.

I’m 22.

LINK – I threw my first house party ever, was stupidly afraid that no one would come. Ended up being awesome.

By NoFap_FV