Age 22 – I’m much better at approaching and talking to women


I got many, many benefits since I began. Actually my life changed A LOT. Probably not just because of nofap but it certainly played a role. The last few weeks have been the hardest ones. Getting lots of bonersand it’s almost like my hands are sucked onto my penis all the time. Iwon’t relapse though, that’s for sure.

I must admit that one of my main motivations to keep going is getting better results with women. Since nofap I got much better in approaching and talking etc, before nofap I didn’t even went to talk to them. But unfortunately I didn’t get where I want, yet.

I quit porn because the bad feeling after orgasm kept getting nastier. Also the said benefits from nofap attracted me – especially improving my relationships with women. I’m 22.

Anyway just felt the need to talk with you. Peace and keep going.

LINK – 120: the urge is stronger than ever

By gneetig