Age 22 – In the time, I have noticed unbelievable changes in my life

91 days ago I fapped, and 91 days ago I was laying in my bed nearly crying myself to sleep. I felt like shit. I didn’t know if it was morals or chemicals or what, but I knew I had found a new bottom. Laying there, I remember it would be my 22nd birthday in 30 days, the next morning.

I have been at this for months, getting week long streaks here and there, mustering up a couple two week streaks. But I knew, 30 days away from my 22nd birthday, that I wanted this difference in my life. My dad always said, “When we get older, we do away with the things we did as children.” I took that to heart that night. It wasn’t completely tough, strangely, because in my mind I was completely done. I was doing away with this once childish thing because I was moving on another year, becoming an older more accomplished person. This was my beacon of hope, my reason for staying committed.

There was a week, about three weeks ago, where I looked at porn. And it brought back the same, old, feelings. I got a good endorphin rush, but my head spun out. Looking at women differently, cheating myself out of confidence boosting situations. It took coming back to the site for help to overcome and move on.

In the time, I have noticed unbelievable changes in my life. I am directly correlating these happenings to NoFap because this was the only change I made in my life during this time. I am now normally taking cold shower (/r/coldshowers shoutout), stopped smoking cigarettes, have asked 5+ women out in person, and I am talking/dates/hanging out with an amazing young woman with whom I click very well.

My battle was relatively easy, because in my mind I had completely made up my mind. I did not want to experience that bottom again. I wanted this completely new way of life that I have read about. My mind is clear and my spirit has been unleashed. Are you with me?

LINK – I made it.

by RocketManV