Age 22 – Increased confidence, have more wit & spontaneity, in my first real physical relationship

I’ll keep this short. Just a few things I’ve experienced thus far, that may help:

  1. I now have my first girlfriend at age 22
  2. I’m in my first real physical relationship
  3. My confidence has increased a lot
  4. I can go to coffee shops, supermarkets and public places without feeling social anxiety
  5. I’m more honest and intimate with people
  6. I’m focused on self improvement (mostly mindfulness meditation)
  7. For the first time I feel like I need friends
  8. I have more time for writing music
  9. I feel attractive
  10. I have more wit and spontaneity in conversation

Keep it up! It gets sooo much easier after the first 30 days or so.

LINK – 50 days – brief summery:

By SecondTimeSigningUp