Age 22 – Incredible amount of energy

Well I made it. Of course I’ve stumbled quite many times. I’d say easily less than 10 times with each streak getting easier as my will power and understanding of my mistakes grew and i came to better understanding of myself. . I feel great. Flatline happened early in the streak.

The benefits I feel the most are an incredible amount of energy. working 40 hours, skating to and from work on my longboard, working out, and doing etc. This is a very positive experience for me and I view things differently. It had started a quest to a higher state of consciousness and awareness to the point im being understanding of other things also intuitively . I love my eyes so much honestly, I cant even explain how the are different but they are.

I feel like my journey starts here. No fap isn’t the end. Its the beginning honestly. My means of no fap were cause I felt guilty spiritually for masterbating. Porn wasn’t so much an issue I dropped it half a year ago. just masturbating is an urge cause im without a partner to fulfill natural desires. But I hope you all do well and maybe this inspires someone.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by baltimorekid92


UPDATE – Half a Year report

Just wanted to give you guys some perspectives from someone who’s at half a year. The beginning was hard and of course I relapsed often. Porn wasn’t an option cause at the beginning my phone was broke thankfully so that helped. I would go for a month max and then relapse, sometimes a week it just depended.

The first month or so was amazing, the challenge was new and I was so determined, the rush of accomplishing something led to the well known effects that placebo can have on you. I was so confident and i walked like I knew where I was going even if i was lost. Fast forward to 4 months and I felt invincible. Learning more about semen retention, sexual transmutation, etc. Energy levels were soaring through the roofs I swear it was over Pissed Vegeta Voice 9000!! !!! All was going well and the urge to masturbate slowly hid itself into the recesses of my mind.

Learning the key is not to fight the urge with positive or negativity but to incorporate a healthy balance of yin and yang so that the urge appears less and less. My intuition has became indescribably helpful in my life. I lack fear in most cases which is a good or bad thing. I skate/run in between and out of traffic.

On the journey of nofap my art has gotten immensely better as sexual transmutation found an outlet to my art which makes sense cause sexual energy is the most potently creative essence of human life. I’ve became a more passionate person . Making myself stay busy forced me to learn new things. Over the course of nofap my fitness has gone to a new level. I dont go to the gym anymore. Nature is my gym as I’ve dropped the weights and incorporated one arm push ups, handstand push ups, and other forms of calisthenics. I’ve recently learned to do a back handspring and im working on a back flip. Taking advantage of no fap making me less fearless.

I wish i could give you a cookie right now if you’re still reading this, i’m typing for self expression but if you’re still reading then here’s an online virtual fist pump Imagine it Speaking of imagination my creativity has went ridiculously insane. I don’t say “what will i do” ,”what will I cook”, etc cause my creativity is always spawning ideas. I’m cooking everything from onion rings, mozarella sticks, apple strudel pie, everything. Spontaneous jokes and awesome sense of humor is also a habit now and I love it.

On the spiritual side I feel more connected with earth and more peaceful during meditation only cause I’ve gotten so use to it. It literally feels like meditation is putting my brain through a washer machine and just cleansing crap away. Still working on not being easily aggravated (Its only possible when im conscious, working on making it an unconscious behavior) On the psychological aspect of things I feel so capable honestly.

The downside is wet dreams. I’ve had 3 and I hate them. they personally were not enjoyable and it felt like my body had an inbuilt pump just pumping itself clean, no pleasure at all, and the dreams kinda sucked or were so weird i woke up saying “how did my body cum to this?” Jamaican voice “How am i suppose to cum to this? I can’t get sexy wid dis shit!” haha. I know no one is reading now cause this is long. No one but you, the chosen one, the one the prophesies foretold of centuries ago. You alone are so serious about this journey and are looking for sound advice from someone with experience.

I’ll tell you my personal downfalls of negative views of this journey. Personally as masturbation faded I began having strange urges to watch stimulating images (not porn ew no) but softcore things regarding boobs (still dangerous dont let your brain fool you like it did me) but id never fap really.

Another downside personally for me is after the thrill and rush of the challenge got old and it didnt matter much you kinda begin to lose some of the benefits that were mainly placebo based or you get use to them. such as energy levels i got use to them and I felt that no fap didn’t give me energy and when i think that way i indeed feel more lethargic but when i change thinking its the opposite. oh and at the beginning i was intensely moody as i was forced to experience emotions i had been hiding. things in my past sneakedk up and seemed to line up in order waiting for me to experience them and it was overwhelming to experience the pure form of the emotions that fapping seemed to nullify. I’ve became more understanding of others as i’ve became more understanding of myself. .

And last but not least I learned the power of the mind. Please hear me out on this, they didnt teach you this in school and if they did they quickly called it the placebo effect and moved on. But our mind has INCREDIBLE power and if you can, you can make it work for you. We can heal ourselves or we can hurt ourselves. If a doctor tells you you have 2 months and you believe it you’re screwed. If he’s feeling optimistic and says you can recover and you believe it you can bet your chances are higher than the guy who’s already threw in the towel.

Hear me out on this this is serious and how I started my streak, I faked it until I made it, looking up to non realistic people, Batman, Iron Man, ANYONE who you can’t imagine fapping. Then capture that energy and act out how that energy feels. I faked it soooo long until one day with confidence I said to mysel “Hey , I don’t fap anymore” then I was talking to this girl and it came up and I jokingly said “Oh I don’t fap haha” and I said it in a joking manner cause I didn’t care if she believed me cause I know it’s a fact for myself and that was a turning point for me personally psychologically . It was like my brain admitted that it lost the war and finally let me have my way. now when I feel sexual energy , fapping of course is an option but it doesn’t feel like a natural option if that makes sense.

I still have to express that energy somehow though and my body is accepting of me now using that energy in a conventional way of fapping. With that said I hope this helped at least one person (You, the chosen one of ancient prophesies who was willing to read all this lol) and I hope you really tuned in on my key points that helped me a lot when i started. I wish you luck and success on your journey. Remember this, No fap is not a destination, No fap is you simply getting the car and turning it on (Some cars don’t start on the first try, and hell some don’t start on the 7th try but don’t give up) and driving to your passions, means of self expression, life of love, fearlessness, and a confidence that is so pure (cause its you accepting yourself as you are and loving yourself enough to better yourself) that you can’t help but to feel amazing.

P.S- Sorry this was longer than Yao Ming standing on a giraffe , Much love, Peace