Age 22 – It’s really worth it! Lots of women suddenly starting to talk to me


I started the journey the same days as i found this community, i started reading alot of these great post about success and i felt like i have to do this. So i said fuck it, im trying, deleted all my porn on my phone and computer – and that was a huge fucking collection that i had collected over 7 years !

The first days was very hard because i dident know what i had trow my self into and the urges was so fucking extreme.

But i fight it trough and here i am at 50 days and im heading for 100 days.

It dident went many days before the superpowers hit me and i felt amazing, And i still feel so fucking amazing.

I started work out, going to gym, starting reading and meditate 😀

Now at day 50 i feel like a human, i really love everything around me! All the good friends and family is like a gift from god and that makes me really happy!

The anxiety is almost gone and i feel like a king !

The results from gym is starting to show off and life in generally is perfect!

its something great about seeing your self in mirror and love your self, i see a handsome great guy that i love and i think people notice that.

I have alot of woman around me that suddenly has started to talk to me and this is great. I feel so confident around the girls and that is a good feeling.

One great thing i noticed is that all girls looks so cute! and when i say cute i mean cute, i got the feeling of seeing a cute newborn puppy every time i see a girl and that is something new a amazing feeling.

Just to talk to these girls and see their cute smile and beautiful eyes is a gift

So guys hold your dicks in your pants and continue your journey to the greater life ! ITS REALLY WORTH IT!

LINK – Guys i just hit 50 fucking amazing days !

by dykendefisk


UPDATE – 8 months into nofap! This is how i changed (M22)

8 months into nofap! This is how i changed

Hey guys 🙂

I’m gonna tell u guys the story from the beginning to where I am right now around 8 months later.

It all started back in December where I was in a very low point in my life, it was around 2 months since I broke up whit my ex girlfriend and moved on, moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment.

When i moved all by self I got too feel how it’s to be alone and then I used porn and masturbation as a company, even at that moment was i so anxious that i even couldn’t see my friends in the eyes or talk to a girl without dying inside myself.

If i talked to a girl I sometimes begin to shake and get cold in my whole body because I was so anxious, so when i was at a party I always drank a lot to get comfy and that ended always up in me getting so total fucking wasted.

So after living in the apartment for a couple of months had my lifestyle changed so much, it was just junk food and gaming and fapping. All these things made me so numb to life.

I had just become so shy and anxious and afraid to be myself. I had watched porn since I was like 12 years or something and all my relationships had always gone to hell and the reason I see now is because of I was numb to my relationship.

So at December 15 2015 was I surfing the Internet then I come across nofap superpowers, i was curious about what that was so I started reading and i was reading for like 2 hours and then i deleted 300 gb of porn from my computer, it was my sick collection of my fav porns I collected over years.

And then my journey into a new person began, it didn’t take many days before I started noticing the superpowers, girls started to talk to me and i began to feel more confident but I was still anxious but not so bad as i was.

Then i got a strike on 90 days and then i relapsed and got a binge for some days, but then i was feeling really bad again so i started back on nofap again, started working out and doing cold showers ( and i promise you! cold showers is cold in the winter in Norway).

So then I got around 70 or something before I relapsed again and got into a binge for a week and again started to feel like shit so i started back on it again.

On that streak again did some magical things happen, suddenly did i feel way more confident and I started to love myself. I remember one day i was standing in the mirror at my bathroom then I saw myself and started to cry, i saw my beautiful soul and that was soo touching.

I suddenly saw myself from another perspective and I fall in love whit myself, my hobbies, my friends, my home, my work! Everything suddenly become so nice.

So then one day decided I to become more healthy so I became a vegan, and that was the big magic change for me!!

Then I started to get these intense happy waves inside my body, it never stops! I feel so good that i want to cry sometimes because I am so happy to be alive.