Age 22 – I’ve never been more fulfilled with my life

After everything the biggest thing I’ve learned is not to give up. I actually have been trying to stop pmo since Nov 22 of 2013 and only joined this sub the following may. I failed too many times to remember and for a while I thought I would never stop but thank God I made a big turn around on. What I can’t say made a big difference was a few things .

First I read the war of art by Steven press field. I strongly suggest that you read it. It explained so well the things we all do that keep us from success.

Number 2 . I stopped obsessing over “not pmoing” and focused on the things I wanted to do more of like workin out , going out with friends reading sports look for a better job etc. To me this was about being more productive and ultimately being more successful. I don’t want to list all my successes as of late but I can assure you I’ve never been more fulfilled with my life then right now .

Number 3 … I belive I would have gotten to 90 anyways but it was alot easier because for 2 of those months I was involved with girls. Hahaha yeah one for each month Anyways I got caught up with one girl and the month flew by and so did she unfortunately but the next month I got involved with another who I’m stiĺl with.

In case you’re wondering Ive been doing the hard mode challenge and am still going strong.

I’m 22 been watching porn since I was 13 And as far as other benefits I could not even count them. But most of all I go through life now absolutely shame free. I no longer deal with the shameful feelings that I used to when I was watching pon and that my friend is priceless.

Well I guess that’s it. Good luck guys just remember hundreds of guys post success stories on this sub every month and so could you Peace

LINK – After a year on this sub I finally reached 90 days………

by rustyvandamm