Age 22 – Life has gotten DRAMATICALLY BETTER (1 yr)

I was watching a video on youtube today when they mentioned nofap briefly and had completely forgotten about how i got started on my new life.

I just wanted to thank everyone here for just being here in the situation i was in (if you were) and being supportive, sharing your thoughts and just letting me know i wasn’t alone.

I’m still with the same lady in the fore-mentioned post [below], we have great sex regularly, i have a new job and recently got promoted to a regional deal which has me traveling all over the state with more pay and less bills.

I’d say since I’ve stopped slapping it my life has gotten DRAMATICALLY BETTER. I’ve quit being a drunk living in self pity and self pleasure. From my experience i can say its just like beating any other addiction. It’s fucking hard. Holy shit its so fucking hard. I struggled.. Yet, it’s hard for me now to even think i ever masturbated.

I still have the good hard drink in the evening though. I have sex maybe a few times a week if not more and on the days when I’m alone masturbation doesn’t even come to mind. But that in itself was a huge process due to my supportive girlfriend. She really is the only thing/person that gets me aroused now. Its hard to believe i used to only be aroused by images on a screen, in fact its laughable.

I found my support system i suppose. The first thing i did was found a woman i trusted with all of my being and told her about my addiction, she was positive about it and helped me through it. I found my way out and it was her. She’s just a huge part of my life now and i couldn’t see things being any other way. We’ve been together since and been through a lot of shit. If it keeps on going this way for a few more years there’s a good chance i may have found the woman I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

So fellow nofappers. Thank you and thanks for whoever created this subreddit. It planted the idea in my head that i could go without masturbation in my life, yet i wouldn’t have realized what the root of my problem was without any of this, any of you. You can do it. Any of us can, all you need is that push, find your motivation. She was mine and shit i even met her on accident.

LINK – Hello everyone. Its been over a year. Figured i would check in.



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So last night i was making out with the lady i mentioned at the end up of my story (the one i was completely honest with about all of my addiction and who is also now my girlfriend.) And i experienced something i hadn’t since i was sixteen. I actually had a bit of precum and a rock hard erection just from making out and she was grinding on my junk a bit. I’m really glad to see my mind is starting to make progress.

The reason I’m posting again here today is cause today is because i just had a reaallly bad urge to masturbate again. Which of course led me to follow everyone’s advice and read the supportive posts. The urge is gone now.

I haven’t had a drink in a solid four days now, stemming from having 3+ glasses of whiskey an evening and constant binge drinking. In those past few days my head has been killing me, I’ve reduced my smoking to 3-5 cigarettes a day as well. Which when i made the first post was 1-2 packs a day. The nicotine gum is helping.

I’m a tad scared about it though, i feel as if at times I’m doing it for her, to be all i can be for her. Cause guys, this lady is gorgeous. Like drop dead gorgeous and i can’t believe she actually wants to date me, but she is. We’ve gone out twice a week since we met. I just think at times that if anything happened and fudged this relationship up that I’d relapse into all of my addictions HARD all over again. But i try not to think about that. I don’t even smoke at all when I’m around her, i know she doesn’t like it, its nice though, i don’t feel the need TO smoke when I’m around her. We’ve been talking for two months now, dating for a month.

Been fap free for the 24 days. I feel like a mess with all of the erections, the headaches and the withdraw. It makes it feel okay though cause she knows about it all and is comforting me through it and being incredibly supportive. FUCK i feel as if i don’t deserve this woman haha. Just venting guys. Feel free to leave thoughts and opinions.