Age 22 – More focused and goal oriented now, better with the ladies

I started around 6 years back around the end of middle school and got hooked like everyone else. The only time I tried to do nofap was a few months after i started coz i thought I’d blown through my data cap.

Succeeded for about 2 months but then nothing happened so I started again and continued with this for so long. Over the past 2-3 years I thought about leaving PMO but couldn’t really do it. Streaks would last 2-3 days at best. Sometimes I ended up fapping 3-4 times in a day. The effects were pretty bad brain fog, lack of concentration, no control, obviously an I’d get tired pretty easy.

when I started Finally one fateful day I came here, read up a lot of posts, checked out ybop and thought I’m finally going to do this. I tried and it was really difficult and I realized that it’s an addiction. I read someone’s post saying that “Don’t do this for a specific number of day’s, think that you want to leave this habit forever”. This gave me some real clarity.

first month The first two-three weeks were hell. I’d want to go back but I would come here check out someone’s inspirational story or even someone’s failure which would remind me that I did not want to go back to the old me. I would use the panic button, sit with my family, sleep over it, go out for a walk or do anything to avoid the urge. I had already deleted my stash and I would keep away from the computer for prolonged periods.

second month After a month of nofap I started seeing some real results. I had a clearer mind and I started to realize that suddenly I had a lot of extra time during the day. One thing that we must all realize and we do if we continue with our journey is, that nofap is not the ultimate pursuit but a better life is. I had so much time that I felt I should not concentrate merely on not doing something(fapping) but rather doing something productive. I started working towards my personal goal and I feel much better that I am doing something about it rather than sitting and procrastinating.

During the second month there was a period when the urge hit me like a hurricane but I came back to reddit, saw that counter and had this feeling that I did not want to be back to square one. I talked to two of my best buddies and listening to them I definitely felt that I shouldn’t lose out. They were having the same troubles I did earlier and they told me how bad it felt each time they did it and how it would feel. If you have a friend who you can talk to that’s great and you should and if not the whole community is here to help.

after 2 months As time passed after around 70 days things started getting I daresay slightly easier. PMO is the devil, it tries to seduce you and so one must never lose focus. An urge hits me every now and then but it’s easier to say no now. If you find yourself trying to reason out things, that it’s fine or once or twice a month is good don’t give in to it.

The Great * I’m more focused and goal oriented now. * I can lift heavier objects than I used to and feel that my strength has increased. * I did a few pull ups and while this may sound weird to some I’ve never in my life been able to do so before. I’d just vibrate like a nokia and not be able to anything.

The Good * I have a generally more positive attitude towards life than before. * Sick beard growth which people appreciate. * More confident in talking to the ladies than before. * can handover my computer to anyone without any issue, makes me feel good. * no more looking over the shoulder.

The weird * I had the weirdest short dream in the morning that my dick burst and there’s blood everywhere. Woke up checked what happened no blood turns up it was a wet dream. First time ever. Googled about it and got to know that it’s the body getting rid of the extra stuff. No erotic dreams or feelings. Just body conducting its business. * Weird happiness that the underwear lasts longer. 😛

I wish you guys all the best. Don’t give in to the temptation it’s not worth it. You’ll be so happy with the results that you wouldn’t want to go back. Decide that you want to leave this habit forever. Wish me luck too so that I don’t give in, don’t get too carried away and that I get that spaceship soon.

LINK – 100 Days completed. The great, the good and the weird.

by skindeep93