Age 22 – My 2.5-year journey from zero to hero

I first joined this community around 2 and a half years ago, I found it whilst googling effects of masturbation on sports as I started to realise when I abstained I was able to lift more at the gym.

I was a lost 19 year old college dropout kid/boy, I felt like lots of guys didn’t respect me it wasn’t helped that my social skills weren’t great. I was working a job I didn’t really enjoy earning peanuts without many hobbies other than smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs (weed, coke, mdma). All this caused me to feel lost and often depressed.

After starting nofap I immediately started seeing changes, my confidence started growing I stopped letting colleagues and customers disrespect me and became more assertive and always stood up for myself. I became a lot stronger as I was making decent gains at the gym. I wasn’t a virgin but it had been quite some time maybe a year since being with a girl as an ex hurt me and confidence with the ladies was low.

Fast forward a year i’m no longer smoking, taking drugs and very rarely drink alcohol. I’m in a new job paying more, i’ve started training boxing 3-4 times a week + approximately 10 hours cardio outside of that. I’m in the best shape of my life, I take no shit form anyone. Thanks to giving up unhealthy expensive habits I have more money and have improved my style and wardrobe and am well groomed.

I am getting noticed by women a lot more and feel more confident in myself. I start going out day gaming (hitting on women during the day) a few times a week, it wasn’t pretty at first due to not having great social skills. But I get better and start getting a lot of numbers a few dates/make outs no lays but it was still a hell of a lot more fun and action compared to where I was.

Fast forward another 6 months I’m in South America travelling solo, a trip I had been talking about taking for years to friends and family but finally I book the one way ticket. I’m in love with the continent, it’s hard at first meeting new people but I soon grow as a person my social skills improve and I see amazing things and hook up with loads of hot girls travellers and fine latinas !

Fast forward another 6 months i’m in Colombia, the most amazing country i’ve ever been to, I have a hot local girlfriend a room in a flat with cool Colombian students, life’s looking great I am planning to train to become an English teacher out here plus improving my Spanish. Then BOOM I become very sick with flu like symptoms and horrible fatigue, the fatigue persists and persists. I’m often too weak to even cook, I just about make it to the shops to buy food but feel really dizzy just taking a short walk.

I go to see doctors and get tested for tonnes of things I even mention MONO to them but they say that is unlikely and they fail to diagnose me.

My condition doesn’t improve and 3 months later just before xmas 2014 I return to England, my dream of staying in Colombia with my hot girlfriend and new local friends is shattered and I am very sick with an illness that no doctors over the could diagnose. Once back in England they run tests and I am soon diagnosed with MONO (Glandular Fever). It is a relief to have a diagnosis.

LINK – From zero to nofap hero! But have now hit a big bump in the road again..


by Brendan056