Age 22 – My 90 day PIED Recovery report

22 years old, Been watching porn since a young age. I didn’t know I had a problem until the beginning of this year. At first I didn’t know it was porn related so the doctor gave me viagra.

My long distance gf was very supportive of it all.


I went hard mode. Not by choice but because I don’t get to see my gf very often. I was completely put off porn as soon as I learned what it was doing to me. The first week was easy. It was about 3 weeks in when the urges starting and went into a flat line. at about day 40 i started getting morning wood back but the erections werent full strength. Between then ad around day 65 I had 2 wet dreams. Each one making me feel guilty and throwing me into a flatline again. At around day 70 I could give myself a full erection with just thought and my touch. I was so happy at this point. The temptations to masterbate at this point were real but held out.


At day 82 I tried to have sex with my gf and failed. I thought I wasn’t healed and still had ways to go. I then realised I was just anxious and realised i just needed to relax. day 84 I successfully had sex with my gf! Best day ever!


I understand I have ways to go until I’m fully rebooted. While no-fap has helped me it is time for me to stop punishing myself lol. I still have no desire to watch porn at all or to masterbate every day. While I’m moving on from this, I can’t allow myself to fall back into those destructive habits!

Thank you everybody on this forum for the help and support throughout my 90 day reboot! I would never have thought I could do this! Thank you so much!

LINK – My 90 day PIED Recovery report

by cjbunt