Age 22 – My confidence is stupidly high, interest from females up

Attraction to real females has increased a lot. Attraction to virtual girls has decreased a lot. You just notice that virtual girls are literally pixels on a screen, and you’re alone. I don’t really chase/lust after females that much anymore, and I require emotional connection. I don’t just want to have sex with a female for the sake of it now.

The biggest change I would say my confidence is stupidly high. I smile at strangers in public now. I’m 22.

[Increased attention from females?] Immensely. I’m on holiday at the moment in Sagres, Portugal. Went to a bar/club yesterday and I felt like a celebrity lol.

First and foremost, a BIG shout out to Alexander Rhodes and the NoFap Fraternity.

To break it down to the very core. I’ve done 87 days hard mode, 1 day normal mode, and 2 days easy mode. One wet dream (a second wet dream tried to attack me, but i prevented it by forcing myself out my sleep and rolling out of bed).

If I was to say I haven’t viewed porn at all during these three months I would be lying, but one thing I can say is that I have been PMO free.

Every relapse enabled me to revise my strategy, and alter my blueprint to ultimately reach 90 days.

NoFap is literally the hidden key to life that certain individuals in power don’t want you to discover.

Time to get the next 90 days in the bag. Feel free to ask any questions.

I’ve had one wet dream. I nearly had a second one but woke up from it and rolled out my bed.

My theory is that some time before 90 days, the attention from females reaches a peak, but as time goes on, the more you’re likely to act on the attention given by the females.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a flatline. I didn’t really have any symptoms before I quit.

On this current streak I haven’t relapsed, but the amount of times I’ve relapse during the one year I r done this for is maybe about 25-35 times. As time progresses, you will definitely get [flashbacks] under control, I promise you. [Flashbacks] hasn’t completely subsided, but it is improving bro.