Age 22 – My dad honestly asked if I’m on steroids


I started lifting again, and I’m about 3 months in. I’m lifting heavier and progressing faster than ever before. I think it’s mainly the extra energy nofap gives me to power through the extra reps. Also the extra concetration doesn’t hurt. I realize this subject has been brought up millions of times, but I thought I’d reinforce it. Hit 90 days yesterday and not looking back. I’ve experienced most of the basic benefits:

  • Less social anxiety,
  • Frequent extended eye contact with women,
  • More focus,
  • Positive outlook on life,
  • I now challenge conflict instead of running from it,
  • Better conversation skills. Etc.

I’m 22.

LINK – My dad honestly asked if I’m on steroids.

By Sketchbag24