Age 22 – My skin and eyes look alive for the first time in years

Hey guys. I’m 22 years old, I’m addicted to PMO and this is my story. I started fapping at the age of 10 and combining that with porn since the age of 12. I cannot express how good this feels.

Ever since I discovered NoFap 16 months ago, I have tried time after time to eliminate this disgustingly destructive habit from my life, and I have finally conquered my first goal of 30 days!!!

Prior to recent months I was an awkward, socially anxious, pathetic excuse of a man. I was unemployed, living at home with my parents, smoking weed and drinking alcohol every other day and pretty much ready to kill myself… I didn’t have any hope for the future and I certainly didn’t have any motivation. I knew a clear mind and a clear conscious was the key to success but I just didn’t give a shit.

I am now 30 days free of P, M or O and 26 days free of weed and alcohol. I’ve gotten off my ass and finally moved out of home in the small town and into the city, found myself a full time well paying job and I’m completely independent. It’s still all sinking in! My past self wouldn’t of even dreamed this.

My mind is so much clearer, I’m a hell of a lot calmer, I’m slowly gaining confidence and losing my social anxiety (I kind of have to with my new job haha).My skin and eyes looks alive for the first time in years. My strength levels in the gym have increased and my energy levels are higher then they’ve ever been.

I’ve been talking to a few cute girls which is something I haven’t had the confidence to do for years, although I actually got rejected today but hey it’s her loss. I have a star biatch!

Anyway you can call this placebo or whatever but I know within myself that NoFap and this great community of amazing people have made a big contribution to my recent success.

Feel free to ask any questions, and thank you for taking the time to read my report 🙂

LINK – My First Star; 30 Day Report

by Tuanortspaf