Age 22 – My story and the truth (in my opinion) about NoFap

Hi everyone,

This is my story and perspective on NoFap…

In my case I’ve started watching porn before I even knew what masturbation is. I started masturbating 10 years ago, at the age of 12.

I sat in front of the computer watching a chip porn video that I’ve found online (not an easy task for a 12 year old at that time). I had massive erection and suddenly I started touching my penis. The result was my very first orgasm. At first I was little shocked of the strange and sticky fluid that came out of me, but then I realized that I just experienced the greatest feeling in my life so far! The next day I masturbated again, this time in the bathroom to my imagination and fantasies.

This is how my masturbation and porn addiction started…

Usually I’ve masturbated 1-2 time a day, but there were days when I done it up to 7 times. In those 10 years I’ve masturbated to a lot of bizarre stuff – public sex, hentai, gangbangs, bukkaki, “rape” porn, ect.. Even after joining the army it didn’t prevent me from this habit. I kept masturbating in the bathrooms of all the bases I’ve been in. I never saw it as a problem or an addiction. I tried to hold myself in the past, but it was for greater orgasms.
I heard about NoFap before, but never really paid any attention to it. I’ve always been interested in Self-improvement and healthy lifestyle – The first major step was last year when I became vegan and I’ve started exercising & eating healthy. The exercising and eating healthy part didn’t last long.

Recently I started exercising again and eating EXTRA healthy. So long its going great and I enjoy this new lifestyle. At the same time, I came across this subreddit (in search of more ways to improve myself). I learned the truth about the effects of porn on the human brain and the daily life. I got shocked at how much masturbation and porn affects our lives – in a bad way. Then everything clicked – why I’m still a virgin, why I’ve never got even a date, why I’m afraid of talking to women and people in general, and why I’m acting like a castrated man. Since that “click” I started my streak (23 so far) and I’m not planning on quitting! That same “click” led me to the following realization:

Masturbation, in conjunction with porn, is a not-so-great-at-all way to cheat your body into thinking that the most ancient and powerful instinct of yours is getting fulfilled – the instinct to reproduce. I believe that this instinct is the source for all of our other desires and specially the desire for a feeling of importance! Our sex drive is our fuel – It makes us want to be better! To do greater things! To improve every aspect of our lives! This is what everyone of us feels when we’re not fulfilling this instinct through masturbation. This is why we suddenly feel more confident and attractive! It’s not some mysterious “superpowers”, It’s just out body getting rid of this shit called porn and focusing on life from a more clearer & realistic angle!
The will power and self-discipline developed from NoFap is also a powerful tool to be used after!

Don’t fool your body into thinking that he got life’s greatest gift and you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of…

Thanks for reading and stay strong guys!

LINK – My story and the truth (in my opinion) about NoFap

by LordZuzu