Age 22 – Never felt so confident, Happier, Bounce back quickly from rejection, I’m standing up for myself


I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever go four full months without PMO. In high school and the first three years of college I did it once or twice a day. I never knew what I was truly missing! Here are some of the benefits:

God: My relationship with God is realer. I feel like I can be more honest with Him and let Him work in my life.

Confidence!: Never felt so confident in myself

Bounce back quickly from rejection (not just with girls, but even if I tell a stupid joke or do something embarrassing, I get over it quickly)

Standing up for myself: I am a thin guy; I only weigh 142 pounds and I’m 5’8. I used to do whatever I could to avoid confrontation. I would plead if I felt like I was in physical danger. Now, I really am amazed at how comfortable I am in standing up for myself, or even just being able to disagree with someone, no matter how much bigger they are than me.

Happier!: I am so much happier. My faith in God is realer, and I am able to think so much more clearly about the things that matter to me.

Girls: I know I’m not that good looking, so I haven’t really gained this new little black book of babes because I’ve charmed their socks off. However, the thing I’ve realized is, I don’t really give a crap! Girls are just one of the many puzzle pieces of happiness in this life. Their opinions are no more valid than my own, so why would I give precedence to them? Think of it this way. When you evaluate all of the qualities about yourself, good or bad, do you limit them only to your appearance? Of course not! At least I hope so… so why would you let some snobby girl use only that criteria to judge you!!! If she’s being fair, it’s the only criteria she’ll use to evaluate herself.

Along with this is that I no longer put good-looking ladies on a pedestal, or at least I am improving significantly at not doing this. If a beautiful blonde girl doesn’t want to give the time of day, oh well. I have bigger problems than someone who is so shallow to think that my worth is determined by what I look like.

My advice to you all is to make a calendar and put a big green checkmark for each day you don’t fap. It’s visual reinforcement. You’ll pull up your computer, ready to go to your spank bank, and see those checkmarks. You’ll look at today’s box and think, “do I really want to put a red ‘X’ there tomorrow?” The answer is a big no! Stick with it. The dividends it pays are far beyond any pleasure that comes out of whacking it to a pair of pixelated girls.

LINK – 120 Days Done: Wow!

by nofapper94