Age 22 – OCD, confidence, enthusiasm, intelligence and conversational skills have improved


I had a masturbation and porn addiction like the rest of us. I would spend full days hungover masturbating and really enjoying myself; delving into the depths of fantasy. Struggling with anxiety and OCD it was my escape. Quitting made me change my life for the better.

I had a new found life energy and determination to begin my self improvement journey. I could no longer run away from my problems I had to face them and realise the struggle was just a lesson I had put off learning with years of PMO. Cold showers on a morning. Every morning.

NoFap has taught me discipline which I go through phases of mastering and letting slip even after a full year I’m still learning. My confidence, enthusiam, intelligence and conversational skills have improved. With magnesium b6 and inositol supplements my OCD is virtually non existent.

A few of my achievements over this last year are as follows…I met my twin flame, like the girls of my dreams the most intense connection with amazing eye contact and weird synceonicites happening and we both feel the same. This experience has brought about huge change and has brought negative energies within me to the surface for purging and clearing. It has been at times a incredibly painful process. I have been guided down a spiritual path and I am constantly getting signs from the universe. The book the power of now is helping this journey. 11:11.

I graduated with a first class honours from university. From getting a 2:1 in first 2 years I was determined to get a 1st in my last year (which is the only one that counts for some reason) so no fap gave me the focus and drive to allow nothing to stand in my way. It was tough, the stress did nearly kill me and with this twin flame experience there was days where I couldn’t even eat. Emotions intensified x100.

I recently also ran a half marathon with 2 weeks of training including 3m 10m 5m 2m 2m jogs. I completed it in under 2 hours.

I often forget how NoFap has changed me as I have fully become a different person you stop seeing the changes as superpowers and just being YOU. Every step you take is a step closer to self-love which has been my goal for a lot of the way. To put myself first and really forgive and love myself so I can project this outwardly and love others.

This is a spiritual journey and our pain will guide us to our inner true self. Look for the signs. Meditate and enrich your lives.

Even though a year has past the journey is no where near complete. I still have to improve my diet. I am still thinking about more incorporating supplements into my diet I.e 5 htp. As I have just started full time work which I have comfortably transitioned into (which is unlike me who used to smoke weed and dodge work) I am trying to fill my week with exercise (I already regularly gym and play football) and some classes. I want to attend a group meditation, find a Thai chi class, do some yoga, learn the keyboard/piano, fulfill my inner dream to do some form of performing art, continue to be creative in design, continue my sport and be competitive, fit and strong.

This is my year journey briefly. I only recently came out of a 2-3 month flatline which was hell. I disregarded NoFap I didn’t believe in the journey, I was lost my OCD came back like never before, I went off track but I didn’t masturbate, never once have I relapsed for some reason. I just didn’t. I sat with the pain and sometimes the stress and urges have made me want to explode, the lows have been frightening, anxiety has intensified. But I am on the journey of life and I will welcome all emotions and experiences, looking out for signs and allowing blessings to come my way. One more thing I have stopped doing which I need to start again is selfless acts of kindness – this is something we all need to do for the right reasons. Let’s raise the vibration of the earth and ascend together.

Read. Meditate. Love yourself. Exercise. Get annoyed. Have bad days. Feel it all. Distance yourself from your mind and the incessant thinking. Realise you are the watcher and realise your inner frequency is unconditional love for all. We are one.

However rich and typical this may sound these are the principals and I have no where near mastered any, I have only just begun but I believe in my journey. I love my journey. I am on the right path.

Love to you all and good luck, you’re doing the right thing.

I’m 22. [Why Nofap?] OCD drove me here…non stop obsession rumination and worry. But in general a depreciation of life and a general low mood and laziness!

LINK – One whole year done…life changed forever. 15th Sept 2016!!

By Silly_Mack1