Age 22 – PE and a little ED gone now like they never existed

I suffered some sort of PE and a little ED, All gone now, gone like they never even existed. I have healthier erections like I have never seen before, more control as well.

I am capable of controlling how much of my erection I want to use and for how long. I don’t like sky-rocketing hard seeing a bikini anymore, which is how I used to be. Kegels also are magical!!

Wet dreams is like a regular thing now as I don’t have sex often nowadays. I have them like every 10 days, 3 times a month. It’s settled for this schedule for like 3 months now. After more than 6 years of addiction, am here now.

I used porn 5 times a day, for 6 years. College and studying field is way better now.

Social anxiety and dealing with family and friends is another world now. I can easily handle more pressure and issues without the need of the false drug of PMO. Self confidence is sky high, just thinking that I successfully made it out the other end by myself is overwhelming.

I also lift now and becoming in shape, noticed by more people.

Flatline was more than 4 months.

You can ask anything of course. Thanks for being there and good luck to all of you.


PE was gone the first time I had sex after my streak, but my mindset kept telling me that it isn’t gone and I have to finish early as I used to. Like my mind refuses to admit that he lost this war and no longer need to suffer PE.

Things got better over time as I knew I should perceive what feelings or stimulation am receiving while having sex. Having a naked woman in bed is a thing that has nothing to do with you finishing or not, its your mind that does it all.

 I went 10 mins from 30 seconds max (before the streak). which goes up to half an hour in second rounds. All of which after like 6 or 7 months on hardmode.

LINK – First Nofap attempt, 373 days, zero relapses! 

by niejerk


6 MONTHS EARLIER – 6 months down … Half a Rocket Man !

Today I received i got a new badge. It says ‘6’, Yes, full 6 months on hard mode. Long story short : I was an addict for 6 complete years where i used to jerk off twice a day on average.

300+ GB of Porn on my hard drive where i used to navigate them like daily , every single day while the new movies are being downloaded.

Was completely driven by my addict haunting mind that has no other goal in the world rather than seeing all those porn movies in he industry. I mailed a lot of porn producers asking for scenes for certain girls and asked to be in the making of these movies. I skipped college classes, tutorials and projects doing nothing but watching new and new porn every day, failed my finals and got way back my class by 2 complete terms, got scars on my dick due to excessive death grips and rough ways to get off.

One day i was watching the ”house of cards ” series which has the ”fuck the zero ” speech ,was paradigm shifted, i woke up one day telling my self this : the last time i PMOed is the last time i will ever will till the fucking rest of my life. what happens next ? I deleted all of that porn … smashed the hard drive into 10+ pieces and got a net filter. so here i am ..on the first nofap attempt i reached the midpoint of the ”rocket man road” without a single edging relapse or triggering photos.

I gained a noticeable mass and muscles, not anxious with girls where i used to sweat and blush alot if a girl asked me what time is it, getting my GPA in college fixed and working on my own start-up now.

All i want to say is this: ”You are way better than watching a couple pleasuring one and another while you getting all depressed and weak.

always ask yourself: ” If this porn girl wants to get laid with a man, will she chose you? will she even consider you for a one night stand ? Of course NO, she wants a strong man to nail her right and not stay weak and sad on the side of the bed…. You are the most important thong in this fucking world ..

you want to sleep with a super hot model.. make a thing..make a startup that leads you to fortune ,,, invent least make a buff muscles body and take good care of ”you”… you want something in this life, reach out and take it.

Stay strong fellas.. Shall we all meet up there on the orbit.