Age 22 – PIED gone – this is a big deal!


I’m 25 days into my current streak and have been working hard to destroy the roots of my addiction this time around, and actually focus on real love rather than just seeing sex as a way to have an orgasm. I’ve suffered for a long time with DE and ED from porn use which can be a horrible combination.

Last night my girlfriend stopped over and we made love. I put no focus on whether or not I would finish. I also didn’t worry about keeping an erection. It took about 20 minutes but it happened with no problems!

Today I woke up feeling energised and happy, and we’ve spent a really good day together outdoors. I can also report I’m not suffering from the chaser effect to turn to porn.

I know I’ve still got progress to make but to me this is a big deal! I hope it can inspire some of the guys on here suffering with the same problem. Stick with NoFap and put the work in to deal with your addiction rather than just avoid it and you can recover!

I’m 22, been using porn since I was around 12.

LINK – Seeing some success!

By holtech