Age 22 – PIED seems cured. There is hope out there fellas

I have had porn induced ED for a long time, years probably. I had only had sex with one woman (long ass committed relationship for 4 years), until last weekend.

After ending my relationship i was so used to getting off to her and porn. I was desensitized to everything else.

Stopped fappin for 45 days and already got it up with this chick at a party and got some good head and that booty.

I’m 22, only 45 days into the reboot and i am excited as fuck

There is hope out there fellas, just stick with it. I cannot wait to see what happens after a whole year of no fap.

My advice, don’t be afraid to face your fears and get some. It’s easier than you think.

LINK – 45 day success

BY – Epilogue_me


INITIAL POST – The 1 month Relapse Issue

I am on my second attempt to reboot my brain and body, the first attempt for me was two months ago. I made it one month, and even though I did notice some changes with my body, I eventually relapsed.

I relapsed partly due to the night I had before I fapped. I found my self in a bathroom at a party with a beautiful girl that I have been attracted to for a while. We made out, touched a lot and (being 3 weeks into my first reboot) I actually got a full hard-on with this girl. We never had sex that night but the fact that I achieved an erection with her made me think that I was done rebooting and I was normal again, and that I deserved a reward.

That night I relapsed and my symptoms came back to me over night. (fuck me right)

Today I am 30 days in, and I seem to be having trouble again.
The One-Month-Hump is what I’m calling it. 

I am curious t know if anyone else is having this problem?
Has anyone else seemed to do great for the first 30 days and then have the most extreme urges?
It’s withdrawal, I know. But this is the first post I have ever made on this site and I am curious to see if people will respond and maybe send any advice for people that are only 1 month in!

Thank you!