Age 22 – PIED success story

It has been quite the journey (not that long) but I can successfully say that I am 90% the guy I was before PIED. I posted this…

…On Sunday feeling a little bit hopeless but then something happened, and I can’t quite describe it, I just woke up feeling different (Horny) with a lot of energy so long story short that day I was able to have sex twice in a 2 hour span without a trace of PIED nor PE and that was a huge turning point of my entire journey, I regained my confidence, it felt like a switch clicking ON.

The next day, same thing (horny, lots of energy, confidence) and I had sex once which was even better than the day before, the day after that i did it 4 times without any trouble and lasting an hour each time (no joke) and another 4 times the following day.

NOTE: I read somewhere that having a lot of sex after rebooting can send you into a flatline and I know that each one of us are different but I feel even more energetic, no flatline at all.

So my point is, I was “hopeless” one day and then the other I was the same guy (actually I’m thinking even better) as I was before my porn addiction, you just need to have confidence in yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel guys! Just keep going.

LINK – Succes stroy! (22 M, PIED, 5 MONTHS 1 WEEK)

by roger259


UPDATE – 8+ months PMO FREE (Succes Story)

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve something in this subreddit but i felt the need of it for when i started my journey i looked for succes stories to keep myself motivated and get an idea of how it was going to be to go down this road.

Long story short i had a PIED problem, started a couple of reboots but the first time i relapsed after 3 weeks, the second time lasted a month and that last relapse lasted 3 months until i was with the girl i had wanted to have sex for a time now and couldn’t get an erection, that was the push i needed, so this time i started to get serious and went through everything you read about a reboot, the infamous FLATLINE, all i can say about that is that it’s a horrible thing to go through to feel like you are absolutely dead down there but then again as you all have read it goes away, can’t tell you when but it WILL. Mine went away at the 3 month and 1 week mark and i was extremely happy but you have too keep in mind the reobot isn’t the only part of the recovery, there’s also the rewiring part and you have to be patient, trust me it will pay on the long run.

I had succesful sex at the 4 months 2 weeks mark and it all started to go perfect from there. As far as i can tell from my experience, masturbation isn’t the problem, i have done it but with moderation and ONLY with actual memories from past sex experiences, do not fantasize it is almost the same as porn and porn is indeed the problem. I am the man i used to be again even better actually it is all worth it guys!

Feel free to ask anything on the comments, I’ll be glad to help you with your questions.