Age 22 – PIED throughout college: Today, I have no problem getting & maintaining erections.

I struggled with PIED throughout college. Originally, I played it off as having “whiskey dick” or nerves. Eventually I began to realize that it was more than just a combination of these things.

I found this forum, like many other users and realized that my problem stemmed from my porn consumption. I started watching porn in high school, and soon my preferences began to escalate. I was no longer excited by the “run of the mill” videos, and began watching fetish type porn.

I quit for the first time my Freshman year of college; I was 18. It took me roughly 3 years to completely quit. I haven’t watched porn 210+ days.

I relapsed countless times. Today, I have no problem getting and maintaining erections. After 100 days I would say I hit the “factory reset” button on my brain. Remember that feeling when you were in 6th grade and everything turned you on? Yes, that’s what porn is depriving you of.


Stick to it. Don’t quit if you relapse. Thank you to everyone who’s posted on here. I took solace in the fact that other people my age were facing the same problems I was. Don’t be afraid to admit your addiction to your friends (they’re probably facing the same thing and too embarrassed to admit it).

LINK – Full Recovery, Thanks to All Who’ve Posted (22YO)

by jhynes76