Age 22 – PIED: Two years ago I had PIED, Was a 320+ pound virgin, socially awkward, no drive, felt numb


This august will be my second Year of doing what we call ‘the reboot’ and so many things have changed that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. Back in August of 2015 I was 20 years old, 320+ pounds, and still a virgin. I really had no goals in life – just porn and work.

I had tried losing my v card when I was 18, but it never worked. So I had just given up on it until, I came across a video from Noah church and it completely changed my outlook.

It made so much sense to the little things in my life. Why I was socially awkward, felt numb, had no drive. That’s when I made the change I quit porn started working out and improving on small things in my life.

Fast forward a few months and I had finally lost my virginity and it was great. Now here I am two years later and I weigh 248lbs (a lot of that being muscle), have had multiple partners, I’m going to school and no longer that awkward kid sitting in his basement watching porn.

All I can say is to the ones that are starting this journey it takes time. It’s not an overnight process. It will get worse before it gets better. I have relapsed to porn a fair bit of times and you just have to move on and keep going: just get short term memory from it.

But honestly guys don’t give up fill that void workout, find a hobby just something to keep your mind off of it and be patient. I can’t express this enough.

If you find yourself with a girl and can’t get it up, practice your oral because it will def pay off when you become that sexualized beast when it’s all said and done.

Take care and good luck.

LINK – After two years of fighting it

BY – rebooting555