Age 22 – Real experiences are worth the wait, the fear and the effort (new girlfriend)


My original goal was to be less preoccupied with sex. Seeing beautiful women shouldn’t feel depressing just because you might never be with them. After just a week or two I noticed I was having higher energy throughout the day.

Sexual cravings were peaking but they lost their edge after another week. I don’t know when the change happened but I find myself fantasizing very rarely. The cravings I have now bother me less and less.

As of 10 minutes ago, I’ve been in hard mode for 90 days. I ended up spending a few hours with a really lovely girl. I still got nervous when we met up but most of our time together I was able to be present and just enjoy her company. I wasn’t thinking about how she was more beautiful than me, and maybe because of that I noticed that she was enjoying me too.

I don’t know if abstinence ups your testosterone levels or any of the science behind it. But I do know that doing a reboot for 90 days will give you energy, strengthen your will power, and makes risks seem more exciting. Experiencing self control and energy evokes confidence. My experience is that by rebooting you raise your luck and become confident enough to try your luck instead of copping out.

When this girl and me hooked up today it felt like magic. We connected on a physical level and mentally too. We said things to each other that were intimate and they felt real. Porn and my imagination have never come close. Real experiences are worth the wait, the fear and the effort. We all deserve and can experience that magic. It just gets a little easier with a little work. Thanks for reading and for your support.

(Still on hard mode)

By day 90 I felt like I was not living my life from the viewpoint of my own cravings, or at least less so. Day 90 is an accomplishment, just as much as day 2 was. 90 days is a baseline for a person to develop a habit. in this case developing the habit of not fapping, reinforced by the positive emotions and experiences that happened during. I definitely feel better than day 60 at day 90, and I even feel better than day 89! But I’d explain that by saying that days 60-90 I was inspired to give up alcohol, sugar, refined flour, meat, fried foods and weed. It’s hard for me to separate the benefits of abstinence from PMO and from all these other release, but the outcome has been beneficial.

The day 90 benchmark is there for your conscious to hold onto. It’s a goal to work towards, and a day to reward your efforts when you make it! If you’re on day 68, you know just as well as I do that the changes are very gradual. Some days are harder than others, but do you remember your day 1 and your day 30? It’s the same as that.

I was going to say that on day 90 it’s not like a switch flips and you wake up different, but today is my day 90 and I just woke up and I DO feel different. That’s probably because of this girl, the support I got on this post, and because my body knows it reached a goal.

I’m 22, i used porn when I was 12-14. I was in relationships from age 15 until about 7 months ago. I started using porn again september-december. Even after only 15-25 times I knew I was addicted again. Gave it up for the new year.

LINK – My day 89 and what I learned from my reboot

by MyDearEno