Age 22 – Sexual tastes normalizing, lots of energy


This is crazy as fuck guys. Today I was flipping through a biology reference book at the library because I was bored, and I flipped to the page where it has a picture of a naked woman. And I couldn’t believe at first but, my heart started beating really fast and I got a full fucking boner. It’s insane, 2 months ago I had to watch like hentai gang-rape and tentacle bullshit just to get some painful, halfway boner.

And here I was with a hard ass boner looking at an anatomy picture. I’m so so happy guys.

Looking back, the hardest part was at night when I get supremely horny as before it was when I masturbated the most. The most important thing I did was move my cellphone, tablet and laptop into the living room and use those devices there and there only. The 2nd and 3rd week were absolutely brutal, I even had to sleep on the floor for a few days as it seemed that my bed was a big trigger.

In terms of other benefits, I’d say the #1 thing is that I have way more energy and almost feel like a kid that wants to constantly run around. Outside of that, I really haven’t noticed much, but maybe those will come with time.

I’m 22. And yeah [I quit] because I was so disgusted by what I was watching. I don’t wanna go back to that stuff ever again.

But honestly, today’s discovery in itself has been life changing. I’m so thankful for this subreddit, you don’t know how grateful I am for you guys.

Thank you so so much.

LINK – 32 days – Got a boner looking at a picture of a naked woman.

By boinario