Age 22 – Slightly more energy, confidence and focus. The biggest plus is no ED

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to quit PMO for couple of years now and although I’ve never gotten to 90 days I did manage to get many 10-14 day streaks lately and I wanted to share my results with you.

After couple of longer streaks I’ve met a gorgeous girl, that I fell in love with after a few weeks. Everything went great with her and we dated for a month until it came to sex. Now I was sort of a 22-year-old virgin, I had some ED problems with a few girls and I was very anxious before our first sex. Like I have expected, I couldn’t quite get the erection right away, which was very weird since I would get erected only by looking at her before that moment. But as soon as the thought of sex crossed my mind, I immediately started thinking about my past failures. Anyway she was very patient and some time later we got started… I HAD SEX! I was so proud of myself. I think I actually did a good job, but it was really difficult for me to reach the climax, but when I did, it only went upwards from there.

So anyway, before we had sex the 2nd time, I thought porn wasn’t the issue anymore. Was I wrong… I PMO’d again after a week or so and the next day the sex was just terrible. I had a hard time maintaining my erection. Just a heads up for you all. Even if you succeed with Nofap, you should NEVER EVER watch P again. I hate myself for it. She thought it wasn’t that bad and that such things happen, but I’ve never felt worse in my life.

So the results of nofap shortly: I never experienced any superpowers, although slightly more energy, confidence and focus are there, but nothing spectacular. The biggest plus is of course no ED.

One question for those who were addicted to PMO for a long time before having sex: I always expected a lot from sex and to be honest I was slightly disappointed… Namely the sensation from it was not that great. Is it normal that if you PMO’d for 9 years before having sex you feel very little sensation and have PE? Thanks in advance.

So my tip for you all fellow fapstronauts would be to find love along nofap. I think that the combination works the best. And when you start having sex, you’re cured, but you WILL NOT stay cured if you ever go back to P. NEVER GO BACK! STAY STRONG!

LINK – Rebirth

by Biki