Age 22 – The biggest benefit is that I feel emotions more vibrantly now

I did very well in all other aspects of life (financial, health, family, school) but I was turning 22 and I was still a virgin, in addition to that I was the laughing stock of my friend group too.

Anyway, I stumbled on this subreddit in December and started reading reports. After 7 years doing it two or three times a day, I decided to quit and never look back. I decided to track my progress in my Faptain’s Log to record my improvements.

Day 1: “Faptain’s Log, stardate 01192015, no fapping till I get laid”, the first week went fine. I started to feel like a cavemen just checking out every female to see if she could be a potential mate. Started to have more energy after the first week.

Day 16: “I cannot relapse, 2 weeks in, don’t do it. Time to hit the gym”. Day 16 was by far the toughest day, every day up and till this it became harder and harder to control it. However, after this it became easier to withhold from PMO.

Day 26: “I feel like a fucking beast, strongest I have ever been”. The night before I was hanging out with my friends, like usually they made fun of my accent and felt the need to make Nazi jokes again (I am Dutch for fuck sake). Anyway, I came up for myself and told them to shove any “funny” insults up their ass.

Day 39: “So fucking horny, I need to fuck something”, urges came back not as strong as day 16 but still pretty vibrant.

Day 49: “This number seems so surreal, did I do that?” I flatlined here, very easy to give in as benefits seem to be gone but just hang in there, believe me.

Day 80: “Flatline is gone, no more urges but I feel great”, the dreaded flatline has ended. It is easy to take the benefits for granted but I got several compliments that I look healthier, smoother skin and I talk more clear and louder.

Day 90: Here I am, PMO seems weird and foreign to me now. I started dating as well and am using r/seduction to get better with women.

Most important is to keep expectations in check, NoFap is a tool, learn how to use it.

The biggest benefit in my opinion is that I feel emotions more vibrantly now, both good and bad. I laugh at sitcoms again, I feel happy when a girl smiles at me, I feel sad when I get turned down again. I gained respect from my friends, they tried again a few weeks ago when we were at a restaurant. I threw a $20 bill on the table, said goodnight and walked away. Later they came to my place and apologized.

Drawbacks… Headaches, never had them before now I get them every now and then. Random boners, natural but can be an inconvenience. Acne, haven’t had zits in years but soap and warm water can take care of this.

In the meantime I also ran a half-marathon, I would recommend NoFap to anyone whose life feels dull and wants to change up the routine and enjoy life. I will continue my journey and will get better with women as I get along.

Fapping was the dirty and pathetic corner of my life that sucked the life out of me. I don’t know how many people will read this but if it will even stop one fapstronaut from relapsing it’s worth it. Stay frosty fellow fapstronauts.

LINK – 90 day report, spice up your life with NoFap

by Klikoos