Age 22 – This is not a myth – what are you waiting for?

It was countless relapse cycles before “I’m On Top of the World” now. I was just PMO free for a week, then fap. Then, another week, fap again. I thought I couldn’t make it, it was infinite cycle.

But, one day I just look myself in the mirror. Fat, useless, no job, slave of Pornography… Realizing myself pushed me to “Beautiful Dimension” from “Dark, evil Dimension”……..

Yeah, I stayed away from PMO for six weeks. Flatline came in after 3 weeks of nofap. I was totally shit on flatline. Depression, anxiety, tiredness and hopeless. I was about to “Fap again”. After opening Chrome, “my inner voice talked to me”. “Look back, what’s PMO free three weeks for” Three weeks was my milestone of nofap. Then I told myself “fuck the porn, fuck off, fuck the porn industry, it’s just illusion, it’s just pixels on the screen, “NOT REALITY”, go outside attract girls and get new girlfriend, make love”

Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pulled my trigger. My old self has died. The new one comes out. Now, I’m on nofap for six weeks.

  1. -Flatline has gone
  2. -No wet dreams
  3. -No anxiety
  4. -No depression
  5. -No tiredness
  6. -Verbal Fluency in English (I’m just an Asian from Myanmar)
  7. -No oversleep
  8. -Weight lose
  9. -My music-making skill increased (I love DeepHouse)
  10. -Feel closer to nature
  11. -Urge to go outside and make new friends
  12. -Optimistic
  13. -Better Eye Sight (Overall senses increased)
  14. -More energetic
  15. -Clear Skin
  16. -Urge to eat healthy food
  17. -Look Younger (WooHoo!!!!)
  18. -Smiles at any girl who got an eye contact with me.

So, what are you waiting for????? Tomorrow is not sure!!!! (I know you guys do this, “Tomorrow, I’ll but now I’m gonna “Fap”). It’s true. Not a myth. Try Try Try. And see the results yourself.


I’m 22.

LINK – Becoming powerhouse after suffering from hell like flatline.

By Weiyenminn