Age 22 – Visibly happier; no more signs of depression; no more doubts about gender or gender desired

EVALUATION FORM Start date: September 10, 2015; Evaluation date: December 19, 2015; Subject age: 22

Subject name: CLASSIFIED

Start age: unknown, estimated 10-12 years ago

Condition(s): porn addiction, porn-induced erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, low confidence, lack of social skills, confusion about his sexual and gender identity

Fetish: sissification

Recommended medication: abstinence from pornography in all forms, abstinence from masturbation, reconnecting with real people


Subject has been a porn user for a decade, with the last two to three years being heavy use. He seemed to be unaware of the adverse effects pornography has had on him until he was with a woman for the first time, unable to get an erection. The experience had a strong effect on him and compelled him to seek out information about his condition, for which he is to be commended.

The subject chose, with my help, a method that calls for no masturbation or viewing of pornography.

Since then, the subject has been more or less strict with his abstinence. His first streak lasted 45 days, then he relapsed, a seven day streak, another relapse, and is currently on a 40 day streak.

The subject has undergone major change in the last three months. All his conditions have improved: he has regained his sexual functions and has drastically reduced his viewing of pornography(down to zero, except for twice when he relapsed). He is visibly happier and more vibrant; there are no more signs of depression. He reports no more doubts about what gender he is and what gender he desires. Furthermore, he has improved his social skills, holds steady eye contact and is now tangibly confident.

Besides the methods I’ve prescribed, the subject took it upon himself to do more as to speed up the recovery time. He has implemented lifting heavy weights into his workout routine, he started meditating regularly. He made it a point to improve in his interactions with the opposite sex and went out several nights per week(he currently has a girlfriend, so something must have worked). He researched the problem very thoroughly and gained an in-depth understanding of it. As a part of his recovery, he started writing a book of advice to others who struggle with porn addiction. But the biggest and the most influential thing he changed was that he started saying “yes” to a lot more things. Every time something scared him or seemed hard, he made a rule that he had to do it. It is my conclusion that this influenced his other decisions and thoughts.

It is my prediction that the subject will continue experiencing the benefits for a while, but the changes will not be as drastic as in the beginning. There is always a chance of going back and relapsing, but that seems to be a lot less likely now that the subject has experienced a different reality.

This is only one of such cases I’ve worked with in the last ten years. It seems that the number of cases has been going up steadily, which saddens me greatly. It is a dark world where people would choose this over human interaction. However, seeing so many young and old men come to me and experience a life-changing transformation has been a bright light and it gives me hope for someday, a better future.

Dr. Patrick Stephenson





Hello, I hope you liked this format. I wanted to write something different and more engaging than just a dry-facts report. No, I’m not the doctor, that part is fiction. Yes, I’m writing a book aimed at helping people like me. I stared writing it as a part of my reboot, but now that it’s almost written, it makes no sense not to share it.

I don’t think I have fully recovered just yet, but this is the best I’ve felt in my life by far. I hope all of you get to experience this. Many blessings and happy holidays!

LINK – Reboot Report

by sittingonathumb