Age 23 – 550 days. I’m satisfied and in a good mood: Went on my first date In 5 years

I am 23 and right now I’m way more relaxed in all aspects of the word. I’m still sort of a shy guy, but my whole body and attitude always feels slightly satisfied and in a good mood. Increased memory, female attention, i’m more social and goal orientated, but that was early on.

I’m feeling contempt mostly. Well, the badges changed yesterday and It said I finally hit 500(even thought it’s the same today I’m sure I hit 500 some time recently). I’m so happy to have hit 500. It’s a big deal and not a big deal at the same time. I just wanted to make a thread to pat myself on the back to be honest.

I’m proud of myself. In spite of potentially sounding pretentious you can ask me anything if you’d like or you can not. Captain Planet voice “The choice is yours!”. Hope everyone is streaking like a dirty toilet bowl!

LINK – 500 Days you say?

By luffy210


UPDATE – Went On My First Date In 5 Years

It is an accomplishment of mine. After being out of the game for so long. I missed the excitement of mutual attractive and enjoying yourself with someone of the opposite sex.

We didn’t get physical, because it was the first date I wasn’t trying to press my luck. After the date I parked in her drive way and we ended up talking and getting to know each other for almost four hours. It was nice. We talked about a lot of things. Even mentioned No Fap. She also doesn’t care for watching porn.

Although my friend made fun of me for not trying to bang. She actually liked it. I’ll end it on with a text from her that made me feel good. “Lol. Yes. You’re like nobody I’ve ever met before. And I like that. Lol. Have a good night/morning. Don’t forget to set your alarm for work”

UPDATE – Almost Forgot To Celebrate

Sunday that passed was my one year and eight months no fap anniversary. I chuckled like a small child because the day counter was at 609 days. I like having a counter (luckily I documented it on my google calendar) it makes me feel like i’m accomplishing something. I want to break 1,000 days then i’ll probably not look at a counter ever again. I’m thankful to no fap and this forum. I try and check it daily and even comment some helpful things when I can. I’m so happy to have found this place. Anyways, just wanted to document it for futures sake and yada yada. Umm, you can ask me stuff if you like. I know people usually end these posts with a “AMA” type of deal. If you want my experiences and opinions on stuff i’d be happy to answer, but if not that’s good too.

My penis always worked when I wanted to, but towards the time when I found fapping a problem I was scared of ED and decided to buckle down on the practice. I used porn for 6 years.

Benefits? Better memory, energy, satisfaction, control over mood, positive female attention, and will power – almost forgot that. I quit because I wanted to be safer than sorry. I didn’t want to end up a horror story, and my brother is a taoist who hasn’t fapped in years. Little brother always wants to be like big brother.  Other benefits? Satisfaction. I’ve been calmer. and although i have mood swings I’m more in control of my emotions. My memory has gotten a little better, i’m more energetic definitely and occasionally positive female attention which I love.

Flatlin? Yes. But it passes. The best thing I feel is to just let the feeling pass. It might feel like a long time, but man it’s a dangerous thing the flatline. It will make you watch P just to make sure you get up. But don’t do it, just relax. Now I don’t really have flat lines. I just don’t feel the need to be horny at all times and I trust my body to be horny if I need to be. Heck sometimes just hugging a girl will get a chub going. I believe i’m good. Lol 

I feel like me being more observant helped with the female attraction phenomenon. I’m sure i’ve gotten looks before, because I have always been told after the fact, but I notice it more. I think more highly of myself and also I keep better care of myself. I used to always hear, “have you been working out” I was even told I had a sexy body at work from someone who I didn’t really know. It lifted my spirits. I honestly can’t even remember day 100, but I think that’s when that was the wet dream period of my no fap life. After like a good while I just had wet dreams a lot a huge amount. I started counting and I just got tired of it. I don’t think it dissappears. I just think i’m not moved by it much. I just take positive attention as a compliment and be happy then move on instead of when it first happened and I wasn’t used to positive attention. It’s welcome and enjoyed, but nothing I go searching for. I’m content. Women probably look at me in awe, but i’m oblivious so I wouldn’t know unless it’s obvious and that’s only happened a handful of times.  I’d love to have sex again, but I just haven’t yet. Not the best with girls, but then again I don’t care to try. I do sometimes, but I don’t see women as sexual conquests anymore so if someone annoys me or I just feel my effort isn’t worth it I just move on. I wish I got laid though. Hahaha