Age 23 – 90 days later, feeling like more of a man than I ever have

I just finished my 90 day hard mode reboot. When I was a bit younger I used to think about this hard working, strong, well respected man that I was going to be when I grew up.

As I got older I realised, “Crap, it doesn’t just happen! The story of my life is being written right at this moment and if nothing changes I will be a sissy boy who looks like a middle age man when I am 50.”

So, at the start of this year I made a short list of things that could stop me from achieving the ambitious goals that I have set for the next few years of my life. Number one on the list was, undeniably, PMO. Here I am, 90 days later, feeling like more of a man than I ever have. There’s still a fair bit of “reprogramming” to go yet, but my life has radically changed for better. I feel like I am living the kind of life that you want to look back on with fond memories when you are 70.

I could write and write about this, but I’ll keep it short. Gentlemen (and ladies), it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


LINK – 90 days – a few thoughts.

BY – Immanuel


Hi. I am a 23 year old male from New Zealand.

For (approximately) the past 10 years I have struggled with M and P. Fortunately, for most of that time the P hasn’t been that heavy because my parents had blocking software on our computer. Still, the effect on my brain has been severe. I have friends that I stay accountable with for this stuff, but I feel like being part of a group, all working towards the same goal, is going to immensely helpful in seeing long term change.

My admission to medical school counts completely on marks from university this year. I don’t want P & M to stop me reaching my dream!

Hard mode – come at me!!!