Age 23 – After 4 years, I’m literally starting to feel like a god


Holy shit. I’m an engineering student and I’m in my finals period. Usually because of stress (and procrastination), this is the period I jack off 3-4 times a day. But this whole semester I didn’t touch my dick. Not once.

Today I met my cute lab peofessor in private to ask her some questions about the subject. I don’t know what happened, but she seemed stressed, didn’t stop giggling, played with her hair the whole time, and towards the end we went on and had a 20 minute off topic conversation. What the actual fuck happened. I would usually be stressed out with cute girls like that and strictly keep it academical, but I was completely calm, rock solid eye contact, making jokes. This was so enjoyable it almost felt like it was a date.

Then I went in a coffee, and had a funny conversation with the cute cashier… Then, I payed for my coffee, and she gave me a card to get another one free ( usually you have to buy like 9 coffees to get one free, but she filled the whole card for me.) She told me to come back some time.

On top of that, this period is where I have the most shit to do. Because of my past wanking habit, I used to procrastinate a lot and have lots of things to do in a small time frame. But I developped an insane work ethic this semester and for the first time ever… I have almost nothing to do O_O

I got almost all the studying done and all my assignments were delivered far before the due date.

This is incredible, I’ve never been so on top of my shit EVER. I’m starying really to believe I can achieve every goal of mine. I feel freaking fantastic ahshsksbjssbsjsbsjwhsuisis FUCK YEA

[EDIT]: Well holy fuck, this post blew the fuck up. First thank you guys so much for the kind words. I’ve been through hell to get to this point. THIS WAS FAR FROM BEING AN ALL TIME HIGH. I had to deal with adversity. I relapsed a shitfuck ton of times since I started this journey you don’t even know, but I took it on the chin and tried to better myself every single time. I think the most difficult part is when you feel like shit/sad/depressed. Most of us go back to our fapping roots then. But when it’s not an option, you have no choice but to face and endure all that pain and that sadness. Sometimes you are momentarily stuck in an absolute shit state of mind, and you feel like you can’t get out of it. You get tricked into a sinkhole of negative thoughts and it seems like nothing will never change.

But it will. You stay focused. You stay on your purpose. Refuse to get distracted by those negative thoughts and realize pain is temporary. Think what you can do right away that pushes you one step further in the right direction. You keep doing that everyday my friend, then one day you’ll wake up and realize how much you’ve evolved.

Sorry for that I was feeling poetic. Poetry helps sometimes, but go check out my post about my tips if you want real tricks to get the job done.

Remember this : Patience is the name of the game. Rome didn’t build itself in one night.


To the guys that keep on relapsing again and again, I used to be you. I went on two whole years trying noFap and the biggest streak I’ve had in those two years was 6 days. The only thig that counts is that you don’t give up. DON’T FUCKING GIVE UP.

I’ll post a detailed summary of this crazy journey a bit later. I also think I found the ultimate tips to make that journey a success. I owe this community so much, I will share of course all of it with you whenever I have the time..

Peace out.

Edit: I’ve really got a shitton of things to do guys but I’ll take some time a little bit later in the day to give you those tips. I owe ypu that.

[I’m] 23 and [I tried NoFap] for various reasons. Feeling of shame and guilt, social anxiety, the starter pack you know haha. It’s been 4 years since I started

MY TIPS. How I couldn’t get past 6 days to 123 days.

So as I said in my previous post, here are my tips to have a long NoFap streak. First I’d like to say english is not my first language (even if you’ve heard that a million times) plus I’m tired as shit so I apologize for any mistake I made. Here we go :

Have a list of goals : Not just simple goals, your life goals. I want you to read it every single day. At the minimum 3 times, when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and right before you go to sleep. Do not only read them. Visualize yourself attaining those goals. Try to associate as much positive emotions to attaining those goals as you can.

Don’t stay home alone : I found this one hard to apply because sometimes you just don’t feel like going out. But from day 1 to 45ish, you can’t fucking trust yourself. Even if you don’t feel like jerking off and you’re telling yourself “Nah, I’m not even in the mood to think about porn today”, don’t trust yourself. Your brain is a sneaky fuck and as soon as you’re alone and bored, he’ll trick you into doing it. So do yourself a favor, don’t ruin your streak and get the fuck outta there : go in a café, school if you’re still a student, the gym, wherever,

Amplify the feeling of disgust you have for yourself when you masturbate : Feel like shit after you’re done jerking off? Good, I want you to amplify that feeling as much as you can. I want you to feel like you just killed someone when you open a porn tab (and indeed, you’re figuratively killing your ideal self by doing that). So 3-4 minutes per day, in the morning ideally (right after reading your goals), I want you to associate in your brain as much NEGATIVE emotions as you can about PMO and as much POSITIVE emotions as you can about nofap. Please don’t take this literally though. I don’t want you to kill yourself because you relapsed.

Realize this is only hormonal : Ever found yourself feeling like total shit, then you just hoped on a cold ass shower and suddenly, you feel like prime Mike Tyson? Happens to me every time. And those sudden mood swings made me realize something really important. Your mood is strictly related to your hormones, wether you feel really bad or really happy, all the thoughts running through your brain are related to these little molecules traveling through your blood. I think that if people really understood that, that the way they feel is strictly hormonal, there would be a lot less clinical depression. And if you understand that, you’ll understand how having proper sleep, a good diet, taking cold showers and exercising daily have a positive impact on your overall mood, and therefore, on your well-being.

Keep yourself ALWAYS busy : BOREDOM IS THE BIGGEST RELAPSE FACTOR. You’ve probably realized that by now. So keep yourself busy. And when I say “keep yourself busy”, that doesn’t mean stay home and read fucking newspaper or reddit, you’ll get bored and eventually relapse again. You need to COMMIT into something ; Go back to school, get a full time job, join a salsa class, start Jiu Jitsu or boxing and compete, start a business. You need to commit a 100% into something that ideally involves other people, and where you have responsibility and that actually takes your time. Wich takes us to the next point…

Understand the power of committing : What happens after your relapse? Yeah you feel like shit and blah blah, but what happens despite that? You just forgive yourself and try to do it again? I’ll tell you what happens if I break mine. I give to a homeless man at least 20 bucks. I didn’t relapse once (I’m not a monster though I still give money to homeless people haha). It works like a charm for me cause I’ll admit, I’ma cheap fuck and money is something really important for me, so even 20 bucks is something big for me that prevents me from relapsing. I red the other day about some dude that was willing to give to charity 500$ if he faped before the 90 days mark.You might think he’s crazy, he’s not. That actually separates him from the rest ; his actions now have a actual consequences. With an incentive like that, do you think the idea of even touching his dick will cross his mind? Assuming he’s not a millionaire, chances are he won’t even hold his dick when he pees. Commiting like this guy did puts a lot more chances on your side as failing means you’ll have to pay a hard price. And generally speaking, people do better when they have a little pressure on their shoulders. This way of doing things is literally 99% more effective when it comes to attaining goals then simply relying on your willpower and motivation, which leads us to the another point…

Don’t rely on motivation : In my opinion, one of the best fighters in mma nowadays is Rory Macdonald. I listened recently to one of his interview and I respect him a lot because he’s an intelligent wise well spoken guy. I remember the interviewer asking him “What keeps you motivated to go back to the gym everyday and grind like you do?” and Rory answered “That has nothing to do with motivation. Motivation lasts 2 weeks and it’s gone, after that this is straight up discipline and habit that keeps you coming back.” I found this to be absolutely true. In everything you do, motivation will last for a short amount of time, after that it becomes a routine. And a routine is something your brain instinctively does and comes back to. Find a routine that empowers you and do it every day. If you’ve red the previous points, you know what to do.

Enjoy the process and take time to be proud of yourself : This is a hard journey you’re going through, you can be proud of yourself for even trying it. Change comes in time. So be patient. And most importantly, never give up. It took me so much time to get there you don’t even know. At some point, I couldn’t even pass two days without jerking off. So don’t be that hard on yourself, or no, actually, be hard on yourself, that will help you :p

Nofap is not only abstaining from masturbation, it’s the occasion for you to do major changes in your life for the better. This is the moment to reshape your life the way you want to. Either you go all in or you don’t. I gave you all the tips I used to get this far. They are easy to apply and do not take much time, but they need your unconditionnal commitment. I’m persuaded that if you apply them all, you will succeed in this journey.


LINK – 121 days. This is my biggest streak ever boys.

By DirtyPenguin34