Age 23 – Almost 2 years to cure ED. I had no morning wood, no physical reactions to potential mates, and weird, out of character fetishes


I am a 23 year old male. Typical story. Found out how to masturbate in my teens – liked it – finally looked at porn on the internet – life got difficult – tried to escape by watching more porn – eventually found out the hard way that porn can destroy your sexual health and induce fetishes.

Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I had sex for the first time. It was kind of meh and I lost my erections a few times. This was not how I imagined it to be. And I thought as a young, healthy and more or less socially comfortable man ED would be the last problem I would need to deal with.

Luckily only one Google search had the answer for my unexpected problem: it was my porn consumption. More importantly, I also found out how to cure it. It was almost 2 years ago. It took that long for me to be cured.

I had not too much trouble quitting porn, masturbation was a different story. And it really set me back. But finally I have done it.

I gained so much experience. There is a lot I could say but in the end the quantity of succesful rebooters motivates newbs the most. So here is another success that can confirm that PIED is real and can be overcome. I had no morning wood, no physical reactions to potential mates, weird out of character fetishes and preferences.

Now I wake up with boners, feel a rush and a warm feeling in my groin whenever I see an attractive woman, can get erections, have a normal sexuality. As a bonus my nerves are strong as iron, I relax around women and during sex I can last a long time. Very pleasing to feel your penis becoming hard in your pants by himself when the guy is needed. No fighting to keep it up. Just enjoying the moment plus the pride of having overcome PIED.

Every rebooter has different issues, on forums like this you can find guys with similar stories (yes, no matter how strange/ extreme your situation is you will find someone like you, trust me  ) and they will give you an idea of what to expect. Be social. Share your story and read journals.

Counting days is a fun and playful way to keep up your motivation.

Learn everything there is to learn, you find all the sources here, reflect on the reason you watch porn (quick rewards? Escapism? Self harm? Substitute for unmet romantic expectations? Fear or shame of real sex?) and understand the mind of an addict.

So… I’m done. Will I masturbate occasionally again? Why would I? I will not engage in a behavior that has caused so much pain and suffering. I am finally free and can do what I really want without some urges hitting me. Oh, and not to mention women have finally the comfort to enjoy sex with me that fulfills pretty much all wishes.

God bless you all, stay strong, farewell   

LINK –  Almost 2 years – feeling young again

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