Age 23 – Almost forgot what its like to feel like a normal man

I’ve been doing nofap for a year, with many relapses and mini-relapses. However, I haven’t seen full-on porn in over 100 days, and haven’t masturbated in over a month, and before that, it had been months.


-libido coming back After nearly 1.5 years of feeling mostly asexual and being in flatline 90% of the time, my sex drive is coming back CONSISTENTLY. Its amazing. I had almost completely forgot what its like to feel like a normal man.

-I’m not an emotionless, low-energy zombie. My passion for life, and my ability to FEEL has returned, and continues to get better each week!

-increased concentration and motivation. I’m in medical school. At first, I was barely passing my tests. Now I consistently score higher than the class average and can study A LOT without getting burnt out! For example, last week, there was a 24 hour period where I studied for 19 of those hours (and Aced both tests that day!)

-music sounds good again

-food tastes amazing again

-the world seems beautiful and magical again

-women seem beautiful and magical again

I’m so glad I found YBOP and nofap. It’s changed my life so much. I still don’t feel 100% healed. Maybe 70%. But the differences in the past few weeks especially have been STRIKING.

LINK – benefits I’ve experienced so far

by coganoog