Age 23 – Anxiety, depression and brainfog gone. Motivation sky-high and rising. Confidence all the way up. Energy and desire for women are back.


I do not have “superpowers”, I simply have my identity back. Granted, when you haven’t felt these things for years upon years, getting them back seems almost surreal but the truth is NoFap does not give you these proclaimed powers.

Hell, to avoid sounding like I’m an authority on the subject, I’ll rephrase it and say that NoFap did not give ME these “powers”; NoFap simply allowed me to get them back. An analogy is a dark cave. Spread around are my confidence, energy, motivation, mental health. It’s pitch black and if I’m walking around I may bump into these things from time to time, which explains why I was a functioning porn/masturbation addict but NoFap gave me a flashlight. Now I have complete access to them at will. NoFap is a tool. You have the hammer but those nails aren’t going to put themselves in.

All of my anxiety is gone. Brainfog is gone. Motivation is sky-high and still rising. Confidence is all the way up. My energy is back to when I was like a little kid. Depression is no more.

Best of all, I actually CRAVE and DESIRE women and am driven crazy by every little thing about them. I can talk a girl up for hours and I can pick up on signals I never could have before, the smallest things.

Needless to say I am a point in my life I never thought I would be at in my teen years. I actually enjoy things now; I used to hate movies for some reason, just couldn’t sit through them I found most of them so boring. Now I can enjoy the little things in life and enjoy them all with people I like being around. I am steadily moving up in my career and honestly, everything is just great.

My fellow fapstronauts, NoFap is your tool to use, so use it wisely. And for the love of god DO NOT adopt the mindset that relapsing is not a big deal, it’s just going to make you relapse down the road.


I’ll preface this by saying that any anecdotes are solely from my experience and YMMV.

Some background: I started fapping when I was 9 years old, didn’t move on to high speed porn until about 13 which was 8th grade when I finally got cable internet. Most of my fap material pre-porn was just straight-up fantasizing, either about celebrity women I found hot or women/girls I had a hard-on for that I knew personally as well as late night HBO (gotta be a couple people here who remember those days).

I was always a social person, just loved being around people and I was a little bit of a show-off/obnoxious, make of that what you will (lol). However, from about the 9th grade and onwards I started to become a lot more reclusive, more to myself, started to even become anxious when around too many people. Coincidentally, during this time I was HEAVY into porn, my god. I had my limewire bloated with porn and I would surf free porn sites all night long, just absolutely enthralled with it.

I always did fine in school (was always average, B-C student) and knew to do enough to get by. It seemed in high school my grades only got worse as I progressed through the years, however. 9th grade was my best year academically, slowly going down as I moved up in grade. In 11th grade I absolutely bombed the state tests required to take 12th grade classes so I was pretty much going to be left back, until I found an “alternative” school which was pretty much a free pass to graduation for flunking idiots like myself. There was literally no challenge whatsoever and they did not require any state tests to graduate, only certain end-year projects which were probably the most challenging thing in the school and yet were still pretty easy, to be honest. Not too proud of having taken the easy out but fuck it.

During high school I only had ONE girlfriend and that was in 9th grade. We lost out virginity to each other and everything but I just slowly started to lose interest in her and in an act of cowardice just started avoiding her altogether, not even man enough to break up with her; neither by text/phone nor in person.

Honestly, I was just content with all my porn, it seemed to me. As the years went by I just grew more distant with everybody, close friends I’ve grown up with and family. Never did the idea of porn contributing to my deteriorating state come to mind. I thought it was a phase or just who I actually was, aka not a “kid” anymore.

During this time I also started to have a superiority complex, like nobody was worth my time, neither to speak to or even acknowledge. Yeah, I became a REAL asshole who thought he was above everybody but could barely even function in social settings without getting crippling anxiety, sweating like a lunatic and saying weird shit in conversations that would just have people raise an eyebrow.

Eventually I even planned my [future] suicide, I decided I was going to blow my brains out before 30 years old, so around age 27-29, thinking I’m too good for this shitty world and every piece of shit person within it. My guess is a mix of depression and that superiority complex.

Age 20 comes around and I decided to dorm for college out of state. I wanted a change of scenery and thought that hey, chicks are probably willing to give it up in a dorm environment too so what the hell, why not?

Those 2 semesters of college were CRITICAL parts of my life. Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had in my life pre-NoFap, meeting some of the greatest people and having some of the greatest sex (albeit, I could have had more, I’ll elaborate in a bit). Coincidentally, my fapping was down to a minimum during this time because of the lack of privacy. There was 4 people in the suite and I had one roommate who always had a key with him and could walk in at any moment. My mind was pretty much off of fapping for nearly the entire semesters.

The times I WOULD do it however is when I was either considerably high or drunk or both, for whatever reason. If it weren’t for those times relapsing I’m pretty sure I could have a lot more sex cause now that I look back I did have periods where I would feel like I did in high school, social wise. Those periods would last for a few days, maximum like a week.

I transferred the next year back to a local college, partly because I was on academic probation (lol) and partly because all of my friends were leaving as well.

Now, when I returned home I did go back to my fapping habits but they didn’t seem to be AS bad as before college. I would still do it pretty much everyday but now I would go on a couple of short “streaks” (2-4 days, without specifically trying to). Times in my local college were nowhere near as great as my out of state one but it wasn’t as bad as high school either. Though during this time I talked to only one girl and went nowhere with her and my grades were ok but I was coasting again like in high school, no motivation to really do anything. Made a couple of great friends but that was about it.

When I left school and started working, one year later (now 22 years old) I stumbled upon nofap from that infamous Tedx video. I still don’t remember how exactly I came upon it but it was like I found the greatest secret of mankind. Immediately I went on NoFap before relapsing after a week and a half (lol). During this year I would go on several streaks and several binges before finally getting tired of the BS and buckling down. I’m 23 now and I’m at 200+ days, I stopped counting after 200.

I am back to where I need to be. The only problem I have with the Nofap community is calling these benefits that you receive “superpowers”. I believe that is what brings the negative attention of users who go on NoFap for a while, don’t experience these “superpowers” then chalk it up to placebo or just straight up BS.

I also experience flatlines still and the urges are there, they are just a lot easier to deal with, to the point they become a nonfactor. Life isn’t going to always be perfect, NoFap or not, but I take things easier now without blaming the world and going into a “fuck everything” mood.

Tips? as far as urges go you really have to exercise and develop your willpower. Theres a youtuber by the name of mikkois who actually helped me with this. Basically whenever the urges came he would imagine himself on a motorcycle since he was a big fan of biking.

My favorite car is a BMW M6 so I would imagine myself getting inside of it, turning it on, shifiting into drive, driving and maybe racing around. After a while my mind would just get rid of the urges by doing this automatically, its a really powerful tool.

Find something that you truly enjoy, that you perhaps have always fantasized or dreamt about. Could be a dream job or anything at all, it doesn’t have to be a vehicle. Just imagine yourself in that scenario and try to engage as many senses as possible.

For instance i would feel the steering wheel and the leather seats, smell the little trees freshner, etc etc. Hope this helps!

LINK 200+ Days [Long Time Lurker, My Experience, Thoughts, Misconceptions]

By ShineCity