Age 23 – Attending engineering school, the conservatory of music and becoming ski instructor


If one year ago someone would have asked me “Can you stay away from masturbation for a whole year?” “Hell no!” TODAY I DID IT. I FUCKIN’ DID IT. Now I understand what they mean by ” You can achieve anything you want in your life, JUST WORK HARD AND GO FOR IT”. IT’S SO DAMN TRUE.

Do you think it’s possible to attend the engineering university, the conservatory of music, and a course that lasts three years to become ski instructor, all at the same time?


Have you ever had mononucleosis and from that illness your back began to hurt, but you didn’t stop skiing and tried one hour of exercises per day to fix your posture and come back stronger?

I’M DOIN’ IT, and you know what, it’s so damn painful.

Have you ever waited for a girl to leave her boyfriend for three years and in the end you kissed her under an asteroid falling from the sky?


After I quitted masturbation many things changed in my life:

~ Now I belive in TRUE LOVE, the person who with you feel like “alone you’re two, but together you’re one”.

~ I stopped thinking that I “should go for girls that are like 7/10 of beauty, because I can afford them…” YOU KNOW WHAT? GROW YOUR BALLS AND GO FOR GIRLS WHO ARE 11/10 OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL BEAUTY, BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE ANYTHING ELSE!

~ I drink two litres of water per day: my skin is almost perfect, I don’t have any trace of acne left, and I have tons of energy during the day.

~ I became ski instructor.

~ I’m five exams nearer to graduating at university.

~I practice clarinet two hours per day.

~ A pretty girl that I met with a friend of mine in the street TRIED TO KISS ME at the moment we were saying goodbye, THAT INCREASED MY CONFIDENCE LEVEL A LOT.

~ I discovered my desire to be an orchestra conductor: CONDUCTING MUSIC IS SO DAMN GOOD, by the time I used my hands to touch my genitals now I use them to CREATE MUSIC.

~ One week ago the story with my girlfriend ended, unfortunately she told me she didn’t have feelings for me anymore. Do you think I just shrugged my shoulders and let her cry there alone? NO MAN, I HUGGED HER AND TOLD HER THAT IT WAS OK, I COULDN’T FORCE HER TO LOVE ME. MAYBE YOU THINK I SOULD HAVE TREATED HER LIKE SHIT, LIKE “MEN” DO? WELL, I’M THE WRONG ONE, I QUITTED MASTURBATION TO BECOME A TRUE PERSON, NOT A FUCKIN’ ASSHOLE.

Fapstronauts, are you going to compliment me for one year of NoFap? HOPE NOT, I HAVE A WHOLE LIFETIME AHEAD OF ME, THE JOURNEY JUST STARTED.




[Answers] I never had a single wet dream before this journey. Now I do, it makes me feel like I’m a real man. My dad is a surgeon. My previous record was 27 days. I’m 23 and I’m virgin, so no excuses man 😉 [To become ski instructor] Three years, skiing 30 days per year, plus exams (practice and theory) and working in ski schools.

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By AlessandroBerlanda